Wasim Rizvi challenged Koran at SC

Challenged 26 aayats, that needs to be deleted from Koran published or used in Bhaarat.

This is good, and a Koran for the Bhaarat’s Muslims may be created that does not include the 26 Aayats. But will it make a difference? Will the jihad killings or conversions in Bhaarat will reduce or stop? Jihad acts already are illegal, and still happening since 1000 years against Hindus. Jihad killings can reduce and stop only when the rational patroitic Muslims pick arms against the Jihadi ideologists. Of course, the Hindus have the birthright to pick up and carry arms for aatma raxan, and they must do it from now on. Bhaarat does not need separate madrassas for Muslims. So, when there be happens a common education system for all citizens (no separate schools for Muslims), then the education system could teach about what is common in Islam and the Hindu Dharma. Still, it should be emphasized that all religions are not same, and Bhaarat will become a Hindu State; meaning its laws and policies and progress will be based on the Vedic home grown wisdom. A Muslim has raised challenged the Koran, but it would be useful if a prominent maulvi/mullah also supports the challenge. This is because, a common Muslim is not seen as an authority on Islam. Also, since a court is not an authority on any religion, it cannot judge what a scripture should not say. But it has the right to say that per the existing constitution, some messages of a scripture cannot be allowed in Bhaarat. Also, the court should add in the judgement that in Bhaarat, one is innocent until proven guilty in the court, because per Sharia (the Islamic law system) one is guilty as charged and the burden to prove innocence is on the accused. In Bhaarat we do not need Sharia influence in the law system. There are some articles in the current constitution that are pro-Islam and anti-Hindu. E.g. Wakf Board article, which says that if the Wakf Board says that any particular land or property belongs to Muslims, then immediately the property must be transferred to Wakf Board, and the burden to prove that the property is not Islamic property is on the owner of the property.  This law must be deleted immediately. Sri Pushpendra Kulashrestha knows about more of such anti-Hindu articles in the constitution.

Important book on Jesus Christ (Know the Truth)

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Dear all,
This is a very important book on Jesus Christ by Sitaram Goel (1921-2003), who was one the greatest Hindu scholars of the post independence era. This must be read, studied, translated and made available in other languages by all those concerned about the problem of conversions to Christianity. It must be promoted widely worldwide, even Christian scholars should read it.
It can be downloaded for free here
Another article uploaded in Gujarati in PDF is ‘Who will go to Hell’ (Gujarati) which can be downloaded here
Who will go to Hell is also available in English
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