The Unethical Evangelists | Tim Sledge with Esther Dhanraj | The Ex-Christian Show – Part 3

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The alleged author of ethics and morality, the Christian god somehow fails to stop his chosen people from engaging in depravity. Most of what Christianity condemns as evil is what most Christian godmen of this century are caught doing. It seems like the holy spirit who is charged with the duty of admonishing Christ-followers is on a prolonged hiatus. The result is that new scandals come to fore more frequently than ever. The one size fits all explanation that Christianity has been offering to the problems of this world, does not work anymore. In light of the secrets pouring out of the dark attics of Christian leaders, Christianity will have to re-evaluate its explanation as to why it must be followed, or must give up respectfully. In this video, Tim Sledge, the ex-evangelical talks of the changing demographics of the American landscape, what life is like for the western community that quits Christianity, the emotional trauma one faces in the absence of the church and other things.


GHHF Christianization by Tiruman Tirupat DEvasthan (TTD)

GHHF = Global Hindu Heritage Foundation

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has been communicating with Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) regarding various issues including the presence of Christians in various sections. We talked to several people who are working in TTD to get information about the number of Christians working in TTD. They mentioned that as many as 15-20 percent of employees are Christians.

On December 24, 2019, four of us met with Sri Anil Kumar Shingal (EO) and Sri Basant Kumar (JEO) and mentioned what is going on BIRRD hospital. Eight-page concerns have been submitted to them. We informed that many Nurses working in the hospital are Christians and they are humiliating, harassing, and insulting the Hindu nurses openly and everybody knows about it. But nobody wants to take any action against them. Without even mentioning the name of Lord Venkateswara, they refer to our God as Shila (Stone) and ask why Hindus worship that stone. The food offered as Prasadam is Saitanic food. They insult them for wearing Tilak on the foreheads of Hindus. They never go to have darshan of Lord Venkateswara. They also try to convert patients who come to the hospital and talk about  Jesus and how he can help them if they believe in him. They even put the Bible under the pillow of the patients.

While discussing the presence of Christians and how they would not attend the Pujas conducted every Saturday in the hospital, Sri Shingalji himself indicated that he would take action to find out the presence of Christians in BIRRD hospital. He suggested that he would require all the hospital employees to attend one Saturday puja and assign somebody to apply tilak on their forehead, offer prasadam, give theertham and require pradakshana.  Of course, he never required and did not initiate any such activity. He wanted us to submit the names of Christians working in BIRRD hospital. We submitted 16 names and requested him to investigate. He never did.

  Based on our information we strongly feel that TTD is deliberately avoiding taking any action against the Christian employees, never make any surprise visits to these people to find out their true faith as required by L V Subramanyam and never investigate. Sri Shingalji in a news conference in August 2020 said that TTD will stern action against any Christian working in the Hospital if anybody complains. Not only we complained,  we even submitted 16 names of the Christians to investigate. By ignoring to investigate and take any appropriate action, they are encouraging the Christians not only work in TTD and are helping them to engage in missionary activities in TTD.

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Ostracism Against Non-Believers | Tim Sledge with Esther Dhanraj | The Ex-Christian Show – Part 2

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Christianity boasts that being a Christian is to be in a personal relationship with Jesus. And all of Christian life is a honeymoon period where Jesus is the bridegroom and the believer together with the believing community is the bride. So, when a Christian leaves the faith it’s like a wife divorcing her husband while their marriage is still in the honeymoon period. Now, that requires more than just a few problems with the family of the husband. It requires some unresolvable problems with the husband, himself. Tim is accused even today of quitting his faith of 40 years because of a few problems with the church. There wouldn’t be another ridiculous explanation to why a once committed bride of Jesus would divorce her loving bridegroom. In this video, Tim goes into great detail about the different reactions – mostly cold – that he encountered from his fellow Christians upon his disillusionment. Watch as he reveals emotionally, that it came as no surprise at all, that they chose to say goodbye to him after knowing of his current stance.

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Acclaimed Pastor to Ex-Christian | Tim Sledge with Esther Dhanraj | The Ex-Christan Show – Part 1

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“When a lay Christian quits Christianity, personal reasons are shown to be the only reason. And when an acclaimed pastor rejects the dogma it is said that he had issues with the church he was serving. The reasons could be anything but not doctrinal. There is no way that Christians can accept that there could be anything wrong with the doctrines because of which critically thinking Christians leave it when their reasoning takes them over. Tim Sledge was a career pastor with a PhD in pastoral care. He was an acclaimed preacher and a Christian literature writer whose books are still used in church ministry. Forty years of preaching, pastoring and teaching later, Tim got disillusioned both by the doctrines and the way Christianity is practiced today. In this video he answers questions as to how a career spanning 40 long years in ministering for the so-called kingdom of god ended in rejecting the belief in the existence of such a god whose kingdom he thought he was serving.”