Brutal facts of Goa-Inquisition-by-Christians. Everyone should know.

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01. It is estimated that by the end of the 17th century, the Portuguese carried out ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Muslims who constituted less than 20,000 out of the total Goan population of 2,50,000. Among the severely punished was 4,046, out of whom 3,034 were men and 1,012 were women.02. Indigenous or native people were forced to accept Portuguese religious beliefs, abandoning their faith.03. The new Christian Missionaries from Portugal mandated that all Hindu temples be closed by 1541. 04. By 1559 Portuguese missionaries ordered the destruction of Hindu temples in that region.5.. In 1567, in Bardez 300 Hindu temples were destroyed. 6…From 1567 .Hindu rituals, including marriages and cremations, were banned .7…Everyone above 15 years of age was forced to listen to Christian preaching, 8. Fr. Francis Xavier, turned worse for Hindus, Muslims and for Jews With the introduction of Goa Inquisition. Goa Inquisition was almost on par with Inquisition in Spain -1478 in terms of gory treatment and violence.9…Even the indian Christians went through hell of inquisition and mental agony cause by christian preaching. Note: christianity of india was even older then the christianity of whole europe or roman catholic.10. Introduced in 1560, all non-Christians went through hell and mental agony caused by Portuguese preachers in their mother land.11. Xavier commented “The Hindus are an unholy race. They are liars and cheats to the very backbone. Their idols are black—as black as black can be— ugly and horrible to look at , smeared with oil and smell in a evil manner…”12. It is a paradox that Francis Xavier, the devil in the guise of a priest, who forced the King of Portugal to legally introduce the Inquisition in Goa and ordering the torture of tens of thousands of Hindus and Jews, using various innovative methods, was canonized by Pope Gregory XV in 1622.13. Numerous Jewish families came to India to lead a peaceful life. Earlier they faced Inquisition in Spain and later in Portugal. They never thought the same fate would drive them to the wall here in India.
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Pious Fraud in Christianity

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“Pious Fraud”

The oxymoron, Pious Fraud, which is at the crux of the development and spread of the cult of Christianity is the name given by the scholars of the 19th century to the frauds and forgeries committed in the early church. The unethical practice was justified with, “Ends Justify the Means.” The forgery and fraud began centuries before Christianity showed up on the world stage. The big difference between Judaism and Christianity in the aspect of fraud is that, Christianity openly confessed to have created false biblical narratives, forged the books in the bible, meddled with secular historical literature of the time, and falsely interpolated passages into historical records of the time.


Important book on Jesus Christ (Know the Truth)

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Dear all,
This is a very important book on Jesus Christ by Sitaram Goel (1921-2003), who was one the greatest Hindu scholars of the post independence era. This must be read, studied, translated and made available in other languages by all those concerned about the problem of conversions to Christianity. It must be promoted widely worldwide, even Christian scholars should read it.
It can be downloaded for free here
Another article uploaded in Gujarati in PDF is ‘Who will go to Hell’ (Gujarati) which can be downloaded here
Who will go to Hell is also available in English
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Portuguese Conquest in India; an untold story

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The mindset of an Individual always finds faults with the Civilization that existed beyond his/her own faith that came in to existence.

In 1555-56 four of Christian Reformist in England were Burnt Alive for translating ‘Latin Bible’ in to English as “Blasphemy Law” by Pope. John Wycliffe who was part of this died of natural causes later. His case was pending with Pope. After 40+ years of his death the Church Verdict came to burn him under the same law. His bones were exhumed and were burnt.
Slavery and exploitation of resources of Black nations continued until Apartheid system was dismantled.
Yes, majority of the learned people fought against British Rule.
Education makes one realize right from wrong.
If one has not read “Beautiful Tree,” and “War of Independence,” one will not understand what foreign domination and exploitation and loot was.
Brahmans did not kill people like black slaves who were “Branded with hot iron and killed.” Read “Roots” by Alex Haley.
It is easy to find faults of Brahmanas, Sanghi’s and rest, but what Christianity did to Humanity is unknown to most of the Converted Christians of 2nd generations and onward across the world.

Dr Ambekar