Ancient Nepan, Ancient Wisdom

From: Gyanu Shrestha < >

ANCIENT NEPAL From the time immemorial, Nepal was an independent country; never conquered and flickering unique triangular flag with pride and prestige. This is the only country in the world that do not celebrate independent day. Nepal is the pious land blessed by Guru Gorakshanath meaning “Never Ends Peace And Love” = NEPAL. Many people have been realizing that Nepal, India, Tibet is the most spiritual places in the world but they do not know that Mt. Kailash and lower part of Tibet used to be Nepal once upon a time, half of India used to be Nepal just 72 years ago. All the 64 Jyotirlinga (divine light emerged on earth) lies in greater Nepal. The “Greater Nepal” had spread half of today’s India including Kashmir, Delhi, Agra, Calcutta, Eastern Sikkim, some part of Tibet including Holy Mt. Kailash (Manasarowar Lake). Nepal government has crystal clear evidence stamped from both side governments.  The name ‘India’ was given by the British ruler. Long before, it was Hindustan and called ‘Bharat’ because great emperor of Nepal called Bharat had ruled the whole Indian continent. Still his Kingdom Bharatpur lies in Narayanghat district of Nepal. So, the name of India “Bharat” itself inherits from great King Bharat. The Hindus living in the Indus valley civilization were the same Aryans migrated from the Himalayas of Nepal. Archelogists found Pashupati coin of Nepal during the excavation of Indus valley. This proves clearly that they are deeply connected with Pashupatinath temple of Nepal. Hence, the history of Nepal incredibly goes way long back than human perception. Recently, NASA proved that ‘Ramsetu bridge’ – the 40 km long mysterious bridge in between Srilanka and India was built approximately 7,500 yrs ago. May all the readers know that the mysterious bridge was built during Lord Ram period.  Ram, Laxman and Bharat were the three brothers and Bharat used to rule entire Indian sub continent having base capital in Bharatpur Nepal.

ANCIENT WISDOM: The Vedic wisdom is the noblest teaching for mankind. Understanding its necessity, Greater Nepal government had established first and great the 4 universities; Nalanda, Takshashila, Bikramshila and Ballav. Now, listed in world heritage sites, Nalanda university is situated 265 km south from Janakpur which lies in Greater Nepal (but now today’s India). It was the center of learning from the 7th century BC to 14 th Century AD. According to the Chinese travelers Xuanzang and Yijing – there were 2,000 teachers and 12,000 students studying different subjects; Astrology, Astronomy, Ayurveda, Vashtushastra (fengsui), Tantra, Yoga-Meditation, mathematics, agriculture, economics, business, engineering, medical Surgery, Reiki healing, Art and music, Vedic texts, Sanskrit grammar, Buddhism and what not? Sanskrit was the language used for teaching and learning method. Nalanda University flourished under the patronage of the Gupta Empire- one of the most successful empire of Greater Nepal. Gopalas, Mahishapalas, Kiratas, Lichhivis were the great emperors before Gupta.

Highly formalized methods of the Vedic education inspired westerners to establish many other educational institution and universities. Greater Nepal remained cradle for education to all the scholars of the world. The school had attracted scholars and students from far distance travelling all the way from Tibet, China, Korea, Australia, Persia, Turkey, Greek and Europe. It is said that Pythagoras, the world famous mathematician had studied mathematics and astrology here. Jesus Christ had studied Tantra- Yoga & Meditation. Similarly, founder of the Jain religion- Mahavira had also studied in this university. Gautam Buddha himself used to give discourse in this university. No doubt, Nepal was the hub for education and business on those days. Fibonacci, 12th century Italian mathematican who is well-known for ‘Fibonacci Sequence’ (the mathematical sequence in nature) had also studied in this university.  Nikole Tesla, the genius of 19th century, who rediscovered modern technology (radio active wave, Wi-Fi, telephone, jet engile, electricity current) got the information from explaination of “Aakasha” given in Vedic text. Nikole Tesla was highly inspired by “Aakasha” concept given by Swami Vivekananda- the Nepali scholar born in northern Calcutta, Greater Nepal (but modern map shows India which is correct too). We need to respect Vivekananda for his immense contribution – awakening westerners/ Americans. 

However, shame to say, Nepalese students are now standing in queue holding passport for abroad study- because of filthy politics. Those students abuse day and night for the stupidity of Nepalese government. Our beautiful world is gradually turning to hell. Nepalese are fed up with the powerful lunatics, educated fools and so-called scholars. The real history of Nepal is completely hidden by cunning Indians.  All the Vedic wisdom belongs to Nepal because Maharshi Veda Vyasa (compiler of the 4 Vedas and 18 Purans) was born in Damauli Nepal. Despite of crystal clear evidence, India has made duplicate Veda Vyasa birth place in Kalpi India. Disguting mentality of Indians is extremely condemned. There are so many misconceptions regarding expecially in Vedic wisdom, yoga-meditation, spirituality and holy sites of humans. This is an unprincipled world of impish lords where placidity has been snatched and humanity raped. Innocent people are compelled to live a chaotic and restless life. In short, the loss of innocent and the dark heart of humanity disappoints greatly. Therefore, to prevent this beautiful world turning to hell, in order to add essence to truth, originality and placidity- moral education is inevitable. Peace & Symbiosis is possible only after creating peaceful environment and educating children with fundamental teachings of truth & beauty, humanity and humbleness. This shall be the only powerful weapon to bring positive changes in our society.

Now, it is the necessity of time to produce prudent citizens which is possible only through proper Vedic education. In this regard, Vedic education is the only means of real education like those we had in Vedic culture. It makes people witty, well-cultured, professional, sincere, a person of ethics who performs duties and responsibility. In short, it teaches the art of living and dying. It is so much needed for modern world for balancing material life and spiritual life.


Gyanu Shrestha

Quit Islaam, else no peace in Bhaarat


From: Vinod Kumar Gupta < >

वसीम रिजवी की घर वापसी हुई और जितेन्द्र नारायण सिंह त्यागी बने

___मानवता की रक्षार्थ मोहम्मदी इस्लाम के अत्याचारों से ग्रस्त सभी सज्जनों को इस्लाम

त्यागना ही होगा __

On Waqf Board and Halal: A Wake Up Call to Gov. and Hindus

From: Nitina Sehgal < >


What is going on? Did India not give these Muslims over 30% of India’s sovereign territories to build an exclusive Islamic club of Pakistan? What right do they have in India when Muslims had voted Muslim League to create Pakistan?


How many fools have decided to be fooled by looking outside India’s window, rather than paying attention to serious issues?

If the right action is not implemented now, one day when you wake up to find that India is being already served in Silver Platter to Muslim Jihadists.

The action must be taken right away, not tomorrow, not after a month as these are serious emergency issues.

Muslim Taliban terrorists were waiting for the right moment to take over Afghanistan, and that is what is heading if Indian leaders do not come out of their self-inflicted ignorance?

Remember, prevention will save trillions of rupees than to spend on a cure!

Please watch the video exposing the Islamic Halal Certification, the link is provided at the end.

Reminder to all Supreme Court Judges, High Court Judges, and other lower Court Judges, “Muslim Waqf Board, Halal Board, and any other Islamic Board, are all illegitimate entities against the constitution of India’s Democracy. They are taking undue liberty under the constitution of India’s democratic principles to lead India to Islamic Sharia imposition. India’s principles of democracy do not permit Islamic Sharia advantages over the freedom, exercised under India’s democracy, as their aims are strictly against Bharat Mata’s democracy to take the control of India by eventually turning to an Islamic nation.”

“Muslims are taking advantage of democratic laws, exercised under India’s court systems for  imposing Islamic Sharia which is very much against India’s democratic freedom.”

“Anytime Muslims use India’s highest Supreme court system for illegitimate advantages, such as Waqf Board, Halal Board, and or any other Islamic Board, must be understood that they are taking undue liberty for inserting Islamic Sharia, eventually to destroy your, his, her, and everyone’s freedom, including your children, and future generation.”

“Have you not seen enough, and heard that Muslims have been reluctant to speak “Bharat Mata Ki Jai,” so under such negative psychology against the very nation which flourishes, and nurtures them, how the heck in the world any of the Judge allow to entertain their Islamic tendencies which is extremely dangerous and challenge to the independence of the nation.”

“It is advised to stop their venture by not entertaining any of their undue liberty that will harm India, even will snatch away democracy.” …Acharyaji

Congress party must be banned. They have sold Bharat Mata to Waqf Board, Halal Board Certification.

It is the duty of every Indian to stop these demons.

Europe, Australia has banned halal/ kosher meat.

मुस्लिम वक्फ बोर्ड अवैध है – समय आ गया है कि इसके अस्तित्व को चुनौती दी जाए, इसकी चालाक प्रथा के लिए, हिंदुओं की जमीनों औरसंपत्तियों को हथियाने के लिए।  कृपया ध्यान से वीडियो सुनें कि निकट भविष्य में आपको क्या सामना करना पड़ सकता है? तो तैयार रहें।

Waqf Board got India’s 8 lakh acres of land, and leaders are still sleeping and guessing. Think, how many poor Hindus, persecuted Hindus from Pakistan, Afghanistan could help to build India positively by having to possess this stolen land through the trick of Congress Leaders, Kejriwal, and all India’s Gaddar leaders, given to illegitimate Waqf Board?


हिंदू, सिख, ईसाई, बौद्धों को हलाल मांस खाने के लिए मजबूर करने वाले कांग्रेस के हर गद्दार के पीछे जाने का समय आ गया है।

कांग्रेस के पूर्व एमएलए आसिफ मोहम्मद खान ने सड़क पर लगे पोस्टर उतारने पर एमसीडी के कर्मचारियों को पीटा उन्हें मां बहन की गाली दी और मुर्गा तक बनाया कृपया एमसीडी के कर्मचारी और उनके घर वाले इस वीडियो को ना देखें

In the end, please be sure to listen to the very important Video, exposing Islamic Halal Board who has collected billions against India’s democracy. This money is used for terrorism as well.

“VID-20211126 – WAOO11. mp4”

Congress party must be banned. They have sold Bharat Mata to Waqf Board, Halal Board Certification.

It is the duty of every Indian to stop these demons.

Both Europe and Australia have banned halal/ kosher meat.

It is the utmost duty of Modi to quickly ban these Islamic criminal organizations: Waqf Board who have stolen through trick over 8 Lakh acres of India’s land when these SOB’s were given more than 30% of India’s sovereign territories to just over 6% Muslim population (Based upon around 12% Muslim population at the time of India’s partition, and just over 6% Muslim moved to Pakistan, and rest of Muslim stayed in the independent democratic nation of India.

देश को बचाओ – ना होगा देश ना होंगे तुम.

यदि राष्ट्र नहीं है, तो नेताओं और सभी

कर्मचारियों सहित आप सभी कहाँ भागेंगे?

It is the utmost duty of Modi to quickly ban these Islamic criminal organizations: Waqf Board who have stolen through trick over 8 Lakh acres of India’s land when these SOB’s were given more than 30% of India’s sovereign territories to just over 6% Muslim population (Based upon around 12% Muslim population at the time of India’s partition, and just over 6% Muslim moved to Pakistan, and rest of Muslim stayed in the independent democratic nation of India. Later these Islamic terrorists attacked Kashmir and grabbed India’s more land i.e. POK. What is wrong with sicko Indian leaders selling Mother India to Islamic demons for their seats, and power? It is time to stop these Indian Congress demons now.

Modi, act now. What are you waiting so long? Do you need approval from the Islamic Countries’ Board?

It is time that you take action rather than wait for your world’s rating. It is better to look inside the house i.e. Mother India than to look outside the window to find the answer.

Dear Modi Ji, truly you have not taken the real action to stop fast seeping Islamization for which reason you were very well elected by the majority of Hindus.

It will be in the history books, eventually, to consider you in the same category where Gandhi had made fool of Hindus by making them sing the evilest poisonous mix-up  with fiend Allah, the evilest demon, song “Allah Ishwar Tero Naam.”

It was the biggest blasphemy to Bhagwan Sri Ram mixing His name in the same category of demoniac Allah.

Remember, and never forget that Gandhi had never opposed Halal meat, and attended all Islamic irreligious activities.

To prove his point in favor of Muslims, Gandhi had a goat tied down outside his room at Sabarmati Ashram.

Also to prove his further appeasement policies towards Muslims, he preferred to drink the odd milk of a goat, rather than drinking Holy cow’s holy blessed milk.

The number one reason for millions of Hindu daughters, growing in such environment “Allah Ishwar Tero Naam,” unable to distinguish between Ishwar Sri Ram Ji with demoniac fiend Allah. fell into the filthy dirty foul-smelling drainage of Love Jihad. This was the biggest trap by Gandhi to lure Hindu girls into Love Jihad scheme.

Modi Ji, your real work has not yet started to save Bharat Mata,  Hinduism, and Hindus.

How will you save India’s democratic freedom when you have allowed free distribution of Koran and Laptops to Muslim students in Islamic Madrassas (Mad-Houses)?

What does this mean, you are inducing, encouraging Muslim tendencies in India by free distribution of Koran, and laptops?

Another worse scenario, in your last seven years, yet you have not stopped Islamic Madrassas where created terrorist minds every minute of the day by Allah’s Koranic insertions to murder, rape, arson, kidnap, ambush, rob, loot, raid.

Modi Ji, it will be wise to read demoniac Koran, rather depend upon very wrong money advisers who are buying some time to continue to fill their neverending deep pockets, like Jai Chand wanted the kingdom of Prithviraj.

Why the government has continued to fund Islamic Madrassas (madhouses) as to this date, even after seven years of your regime?

Islamic four marriages are not banned as to this date, the major reason for the Muslim population explosion. In the next 20 years, the Muslim population will be almost 50%, and that will be the end of all the leaders, the end of India’s democracy, and the butchery of all non-Muslins. All the leaders will be taking the very first airplane to get out of India as soon as Muslim terrorists take over India.

Modi ji, you can stop all these if you truly pay attention to Acharyaji’s advice now, and stop the advice of your money friends.

Their wrong advice is going to lead India to total annihilation.

Modi, wake up now.

You do not have time to waste as all your world’s rating, or if you are anxiously waiting for a Noble Prize will have no meaning, once India is gone in the hand of Muslim terrorists, like Taliban taking over Afghanistan.

Time is limited, so take the charge.

Jai Sri Krishn – Har Har Mahadev

Hari Bolo


लोकतंत्र पर प्रहार

From: Vinnod Kumar Gupta < >


लोकतंत्र पर प्रहार


आज प्रकाश पर्व पर हमारे प्रधानमंत्री जी की कृषि क़ानूनों को वापस लेने की घोषणा से क्या उन करोड़ो छोटे किसानों के जीवन में भी उजाला होगा, जिनको लाभ पहुंचाने के लिए ये कानून बनाए जाने की आवश्यकता की शासन सहित अनेक विशेषज्ञों व वरिष्ठ स्तंभकारो ने बार-बार प्रशंसा की थी ?

लेकिन यह दुःखद और दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण है कि अगर लोकतांत्रिक व्यवस्था में वोटों की राजनीति अनेक निर्णयों पर राष्ट्रीय नीतियों को इसी प्रकार प्रभावित करती रहेगी तो यह अन्यायकारी और विनाशकारी भी हो सकता है l

ऐसे में अगर भारत विरोधी शक्तियां, आतंकवादी, अलगाववादी और अन्य आन्दोलनजीवी भी एकजुट उत्साहित होकर भीड़ तंत्र का धनबल और बाहुबल के आधार पर अनुचित लाभ उठाएंगे तो देश की सम्प्रभुता और अखंडता के समक्ष एक बड़ा संकट खड़ा होगा तो उसका उत्तरदायित्व किसका होगा ?

लोकतंत्र के प्रहरियों को ऐसे राष्ट्रघाती तत्वों के प्रहारों से सुरक्षित रहने के आवश्यक उपाय ढूँढने ही होंगे l ऐसी प्रतिकूल परिस्थितियों में चुनाव प्रणाली में आवश्यक सुधार के साथ-साथ मताधिकार के लिए कोई न्युनतम योग्यता का निर्धारण किए जाने की आज गहन आवश्यकता है l

माननीय मोदी जी ने अपने सभी सांसदों, विधायकों, महापौरों, पार्षदों , ग्राम प्रधानों, पार्टी के अधिकारियों एवं सदस्यों से बार – बार विनती की थी कि अपने-अपने  क्षेत्रों के  गांव-गांव में जाकर किसानों को कृषि कानूनों के लाभों को समझाओ, लेकिन भोगवादी राजनीतिक संस्कृति इतनी अधिक प्रभावी हो चुकी है कि “मोदी जी के नाम पर सत्ता का सुख भोगने वाले अधिकांश नेताओं की प्राथमिकता विभिन्न  योजनाओं में कितना लेन-देन होगा पर गिद्ध जैसी दृष्टि बनी होने के कारण प्राय: अधिकांश ने कृषि कानूनों के लाभों का प्रचार-प्रसार करने की आवश्यकता को नहीं समझा l

लोकतांत्रिक राजनीतिक व्यवस्था में भ्रष्टाचार, आतंकवाद और अलगाववाद जब चरम पर हो तो राष्ट्र के प्रति समर्पण और त्याग की भावना वाले  “मोदी और योगी ” जैसे नेताओं को स्वार्थी तत्वों और चाटुकारों आदि से सावधान रहना ही होगा अन्यथा लोकतांत्रिक व्यवस्था पर प्रहार होता ही रहेगा l


विनोद कुमार सर्वोदय

(राष्ट्रवादी चिंतक एवं लेखक)


Duty of Elected Officials in Bhaarat

Duty of Elected officials in Bhaarat

by Nitina Sehgal < >

You the elected people of the country must act immediately to save India to fall into the hands of Jihadists

  1. Stop distributing free Koran and free laptops to Muslim students in Islamic Madrassas (Mad-houses).Who were those Jaichand type advisers that have encouraged and promoted Islamic Jihadist tendencies?
  1. Stop India now to be the major supplier of beef (murdered Cows’ dead bodies).It is the biggest Karmic gridlock against the nation. It is a reminder to all those leaders that have made India the major exporter of beef will have serious repercussions. Already witnessed the Karmic repercussion due to coronavirus, covid -19, loss of millions of crores, loss of business, millions unemployed, millions affected by the disease, and died. This is the most single reason for nations to fall down and great civilizations disappeared. All these boys who have made billions of dollars are misbehaving by trying to be above the Cosmic Universal Karmic Law, and currently, their advice is being pursued by today’s leadership. The best advice is to stop their selfish advice, not taken into consideration national Karmic implications by making India flowing the rivers of blood of helpless innocent four-legged sentient beings in their commercialization.
  1. Stop three (3) lakhs, Islamic Madrassas now (no more government funding). Why do you fund them? Did you read Koran? Do you know what Islamic fanatic Allah inserts vicious statements against infidels?
  1. Stop four marriages for Muslims. Make immediately uniform laws.
  1. No more Sharia, any part of the country.
  1. 6.Teach every child compulsory education of Bhagavad-Gita while simultaneously exposing evil demoniac irreligious practices. taught under various baseless mindless senseless sectarian orders of the Middle-east desertification books.
  1. Muslims should not be allowed more than two children. To please Hindus, leaders made a new law that anyone having more than two children will not get government jobs. Well, Hindus got lollipops, like triple tallaaq cases. Did you see how much Hindus are fooled by their tricks? Do you think most Muslims care that much for government jobs? 99% of Muslims want to follow strictly Sharia.

WHAT IS THEIR OBJECTION TO STOP A MUSLIM FROM MARRYING, FOUR WIVES? Did you ask these leaders? Are they so happy with their international rating that they do not care to stop this very nonsense that will lead to India’s destruction of democracy, once in the next 20 years Muslim population reaches 50%?

Just think, if a Muslim is marrying with four wives, how will he have only two children, when he knocks down all four wives simultaneously?

This two children law itself contradicts Muslims’ lifestyle of four marriages, which is being allowed by the government of India.

What benefit did Hindus. and India get from triple Talaqs? Nothing but except empowered Muslim women who made too much noise by demonstrating against Modi and CAA-Citizen bill in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi for more than three months, “WE WANT AZADI?”

Even after giving them freedom from triple talaqs, still, these viciously charged Muslim women went against Modi and demanded Azadi.

Did anyone ask these foolish Muslim women, “What kind of Azadi did they need in a free democratic nation?”

These Muslim women cost over 200 crores worth of economical loss. They were well off by going through Triple Talaq as the entire Islamic family gang was involved in fighting over these issues. In Halala cases, if the second husband did not divorce willfully the wife of the first husband who had originally given the divorce, both old and new husband used to fight with knives, killing each other.

The system was well working within, not keeping any Islamic marriage comfortable. If you can not stop Islam, do not decorate Islam by removing some of their evil Islamic tendencies thus making them stronger Muslims to act against infidels.

  1. Stop fooling Hindus by appeasing methods trying to exist and buying time for selfish greed, position, and power as neither Gandhi’s ‘Allah Ishwar Tero Naam’ has made Muslims happy, rather fooled Hindu girls psychologically unprepared by Allah’s insertions in Koran to lure women for sex-slaves by methods of Love Jihads. Stop distributing free Koran and Laptops in the same line of Gandhi’s appeasing methods.
  1. Keep away business-minded greedy advisers from the government. They will invite in their daughter’s marriage Mamta, Sonia, and all anti-national traitors because their main aim is to mint money, regardless of the nation goes to hell. So they will play many tricks to buy time, like Jai Chand traitor, and advice to distribute free Koran to make Muslims happy but in the process, they are encouraging Islam, and bringing their end closer, like now in Afghanistan under the hands of Taliban.
  1. Silently, round up top Islamic terrorists from each area and send them to the dungeon where they are made anti-virus through the Science of Bhagavad-Gita’s message, as has been very well explained by Acharyaji in his past many writings to Modi, and other leaders? Then leave them back after six months among terrorist-ridden areas.

Classes start from 5 AM with Hindu Bhajan, the teaching of Vedic Science, condemning criminal violence under Allah’s foolish insertions, exposing simultaneously all contaminated minds full of evil thoughts, discussing on the mind, body, soul, consciousness, universal principles, the Absolute Truth, the Karmic law, Dharma, Gyan education; understanding the meaning of Soul, transmigration and evolution of souls.

Why so many animals? 

One set vegetarian eating Herbivores, and another set carnivores, sharp razor-like blade teeth, claws.

Is God imperfect or do humans learning imperfection lead to their self-created consciousness into the bodies of carnivores? It is important that such large underground schools must be established for hardcore terrorists in Correction Centers. Naturally, you must get guidance from Acharyaji only, not some of your favored friends. Do you think India could not become the number one in the Olympics? That is the same thing. Not prepared to cope up with the situation. Just taking it easy by all sorts of vote bank policies. But if you serve the society of one billion Hindus with righteous understanding, there is no way such a government of BJP can ever perish. In other words, take into consideration Universal Principles of Religion, the science of pure Dharm-Gyan- Karm before understanding any project for the national interest.

  1. The only one person India needs must be an unbiased adviser — please read. His name is OM, the one who appeared as the personified Bhagwan Sri Krishn Ji, 5,200 years ago or unless you want the advice of all combined World-Class Fools? All of you have a choice to save Bharat Mata or sink the boat of Bharat Mata. The choice is yours. India needs true Kshatriya Dharma Protector in a true sense. Then listen to the greatest advice of Acharyaji to save Ma-Bharti by quickly implementing 1-11 items as written above

Literally, Koran must be stopped by all means if truly you want India’s democracy to be saved.

Just simply stop Islam, how?

“Terrorists have no religion,” a false narrative by Muslims for kafirs

“Terrorists have no religion,” a false narrative by Muslims for kafirs

“Terrorists have NO religion.”
Most of the terrorists known all over the world are Muslims.
When they are killed or die, the Muslims do their funeral/ burial.
That is solid proof that the terrorists were Muslims; 
so the source of preaching to do terrorism against the kafirs is Koran.
This is not an opinion, but  a fact that can be verified objectively.
All the religions whose cradle is not Bhaarat, are religions or majhabs.
Islam, Xinity, and Judaism are majhabs (religions.)
Each of these have a prophet that lived in our known history, mostly within 2000 years.
He, and or his followers created the majhab.
In contrast,  Hinduism (which is not an “ism”, a man-made ideology like communism, socialism, etc.) is universal DHARMA for mankind. It is the oldest, and there is no concept of a prophet in Dharma. Its root book is the Veda, which is systematically divided into four Veda, containing 20,000 hymns in Sanskrit.
Note on a side point: Sanskrit is a rule and logic based language, and therefore, the computer programmers of NASA love it.  This Devanagari script has 36 consonants and 12 vowels.
With facility we write the sounds of spoken words. Most Indian languages aer based on Sanskrit, and therefore, no Indian asks how to spell a name, unless it is an English name.
We write what we hear, and the reader pronounces it correctly. 
Coming back to DHARMA: The 700-verse summary of the Veda is Srimad Bhagavad Gita, which is a conversation that took place in Kurukshetra battlefield 5118 years ago between Arjun, and Krishna, the Supreme God incarnated.  So, for our time, Gita is sufficient to understand Dharma. It provides complete Spiritual Science; and to live in consideration of the spiritual science is our (mankind’s) Dharma or Hinduism.
To live in disregard of the Spiritual Science is adharma or demoniac or sinful act.
The benefit of living per Dharma correctly is that one lives more and more sin-free.
More seriously one lives per Dharma, more sin-free one lives, and develops godly qualities. Those who completely live sin-free are recognized as saints, saadhus, or swamis. They have the qualification to guide society on how to live sin-free, and realize God. Bhaarat has produced millions of great spiritual giants over millennials. Even today you could find such saints, males of females.
The correct name of Hinduism is:
Sanaatan Dharma, or Varna-aashram dharma, of Vedic dharma.
Dharma gives maximum freedom of thought, speech, and action.
It tells mankind to seek the truth, material, and also spiritual.
More importance is given to seeking the spiritual truths, or knowing the spiritual science, so that one can live life in consideration of the peace.
If one lives sin-free, one lives happily and it does not create problems for anyone.
Bottom line: Hinduism is not a religion but Dharma.
Most terrorists (who also are aggressive) are Muslims.
So, the thread title may be changed.
If you consider human brain as a computer, then Islam is s deadly virus;
and Pakistan has thousands of madrassas where they inject Islaam-virus in the young brains who then grow as terrorists and suicide bombers.
{Want a world free from terrorism?
Then introduce an education system with text books on Hinduism.}
The Vedic culture has no such a thing.
Peace is not possible where there is Islaam.
If any reader has firmly determined that Hinduism is bad,
then please do not ask me any questions.
On the other hand, those who are genuinely interested to know more about Dharma with a friendly attitude, they are welcome to ask questions; and I would be glad to answer as I have understood it from my guru and from Vedic scriptures.
jaya sri krishna!
A comment by Sanjeev Kulkarni < >:

Cremate the bodies of slain terrorists.  By the reaction of others,
you will immediately know whether these terrorists had a religion or not.
It is a very simple test.

“Why Blame Islam? Religion does not kill, People Kill.”

From” Tilak Shrestha < >

Dear all:
Of course, the evil Islam to be blamed, not Muslim people. Muslims themselves are victims of the evil Islam. If Islam instigates Muslims to kill, loot and rape non-Muslims; then as the first order of business non-Muslims must defend themselves, and kill these attackers.
The second order of business is to analysis why the aggression. Answer is simple, Islam teaches to attack (non-Muslims.) (If this were not so, then) why did you (Muslims) destroyed Bamian Buddha? It shows the black heart of Islam.
Dharma is not Religion. Dharmas do(es not tell to) attack. (It is)  about spirituality (spiritual science.) ( In contrast) Religions are about militarization of society and attacks.
Here are a few notes on the subject for your enlightenment.
WARNING! Don’t try your evil Jihad on us. We will retaliate, and stick your evil Islam up your behind.
Thanks, Tilak