Reply to Article in the Friday Times of Pakistan – on Kashmir

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Congratulations to Shri Kulkarni for the excellent reply to the Article published in Pakistan on Kashmir issue. He has explained it all very well.

The bottom line is that UNO, that champions secularism and democracy, cannot approve of expansion on earth of (fundamentalist) ISLAM that is separatist, intolerant and violent.

Islamic Constitutions fly in the face of UN’s Human Rights and Human Equality’s Charter that also makes women equal to men in Law. This is most certainly NOT the case where a Constitution tolerates FOUR WIVES and the wedding of child brides- and divorce by uttering “talaq” three times!

Thus, Pakistan herself is an ILLEGAL State according to UN’s basic doctrine (“Grundgesetz”). Her Islamic Constitution is more suitable for the wild and violent Arab tribes of 7th Century AD rather than 21st century modern progressive world where Jews & Arabs, Christians and Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims ought to live (are required to live) together in harmony- and as equals, in every country on earth!

UN will also like to ask, “How have the Muslims in Kashmir Valley treated their HINDU fellow citizens in the last seven decades?” And what about PAKISTAN itself? Where have those happy Hindu (& Sikh) families of Lahore gone who had lived there for MILLENNIA?

The honorable thing that the UNO can do is to pass a Resolution immediately, demanding the DISSOLUTION of ISLAMIC Pakistan itself, and the county’s merger with secular and tolerant BHARAT (Mother India). The historic frontiers of 1947, violated without sanity, reason or Referendum, ought to be RESTORED. All of India (in the frontiers of 1947) ought to live under ONE Constitution that is more like those in the UNITED States and the UNITED Kingdom rather than the one in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan!

It’s a pity that the Muslims enjoying peace and safety- and equality, in Bharat are not raising their voices against the mischievous birth of Pakistan that separated the ones in Delhi from those in Karachi and Dhaka, forcing millions to flee, sowing the seeds of future unrest & fights- forever.

There can be no peace until the volatile restless Muslims in Dhaka, Delhi and Dera Ghazi Khan live in ONE country and under ONE Constitution.

Secular*, tolerant* and CIVILIZED India poses the biggest challenge for the UNO: “Please put the JINN back in bottle!”


28 Sep 2019

*Comment by Suresh Vyas: We Hindus need need to make Hindustan a Vedic State, not secular because, secularism is European medicine against Xianity. It is not for us. Our Vedic Dharma, which is universal religion for mankind, is inherently respectful to all religions that respect our Dharma and culture. Dharma is against barbaric religions and does not tell us to tolerate such a religion and the acts of followers of such a religion against our dharma, culture and our Devabhuumi. So, we Hindus must stop thinking and talking that we  are “secular”.  The word “secular” was added in our constitution later by the anti-Vedics and anti-nationals. We need to take the word out from our constitution and our minds. We are Vedics.  Jaya Sri Krishna!




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Subject: Reply to Article in the Friday Times of Pakistan – on Kashmir issue.



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Reply to Article in the Friday Times of Pakistan on Kashmir issue.


My comments on the article published in ‘The Friday Times,

Pakistan dt. 27-Sept-2019, on Kashmir, issue will be of

interest to many.




Pakistanis forget 4 points while discussing Kashmir:


(1) India is not an occupying force, which can be ejected from the area by throwing stones or so-called aspirations of people who are directly in conflict with the aspirations of over a billion people. If people’s aspirations cannot be suppressed by force, they won’t be suppressed by throwing stones or making noise by UN or human rights groups with a dubious record in other parts of the world, either. Hindus have been living in Kashmir for thousands of years and any alien ideology imported from the desert cannot lay claim on this area in the name of human rights. Did Pakistan support the Israeli occupation of Palestine on the same grounds?


(2) If 180 million Muslims can live in peace and prosperity enjoying equal rights in the rest of India, it should be good for 9 million Kashmiri Muslims too. There is nothing more Kashmiris can hope to get either in Pakistan or as an independent nation, which they are not getting presently in a democratic India.


(3) If India is not supposed to change status in Kashmir as it is a UN listed disputed territory, how come Pakistan changed status of Gilgit Baltistan and how it handed over part of it to China? If it was kosher then for Pakistan, it is OK for India.


(4) If Kashmir is unfinished agenda of partition of India on the religious ground, then a total exchange of population is unfinished agenda for Hindus. Can Pakistan afford to take 180 million Indian Muslims?

Muslims cannot eat their cake and have it too. They cannot get their separate homeland and claim equal rights in the rest of India too. They have to forget Kashmir or be ready to take all the Muslims with them.


Every government in New Delhi knows that the solution will not remain confined to only Kashmir and there will be serious consequences for Muslims in the rest of India. The question is whether they want to respect aspirations of 9 million Kashmiri Muslims and endanger the welfare and safety of 180 million Muslims spread all over India. Common sense tells you what will be the policy choice for New Delhi. No world community or UN can pressurize India where its very survival is at stake. Can the UN take guarantee for the safety of 180 million Muslims and ensure their safe passage to Pakistan? It will be another colossal humanitarian tragedy at hand, which the UN is ill-equipped to handle given their past record.


Given the cost-benefit ratio, we have to opt for the lesser evil and crush Kashmiri movement with an iron fist on humanitarian grounds, as the alternative scenario is equal to nuclear holocaust.  It is time for Kashmiris and Pakistan to forget Kashmir and move on.  Or commit political, economic, military suicide.  If Pakistan sticks out its neck to please the ‘ghairat Brigade’ or comedians calling for Gazwa-E-Hind, the jugular vein will be slit. Threatening nuclear war every now and then will be counter-productive and the world community will bankrupt Pakistan and cap, roll back and confiscate its Nuke capability and dismantle the nation, having only nuisance value, into 4 pieces. The Choice is of Pakistan on which

path they want to tread.






by Hindu Publisher

कहां-कहां मोर्चा खोल रखा है इस्लामिक आतंकवादियों ने? दुनियाभर में यदि कहीं पर भी आतंकवाद है तो उसके पीछे इस्ला‍म की सुन्नी विचारधारा के अंतर्गत वहाबी और सलाफी विचारधारा को दोषी माना जाता है। इनका मकसद है जिहाद के द्वारा धरती को इस्लामिक बनाना। आतंकवाद अब किसी एक देश या प्रांत की बात नहीं रह गया है। यह अब अंतरराष्ट्रीय स्तर पर गठजोड़ कर चुका है और इसके समर्थन में कई मुस्लिम राष्ट्र और वामपंथी ताकतें हैं। सऊदी, सीरिया, इराक, अफगानिस्तान, कुर्दिस्तान, सूडान, यमन, लेबनान, पाकिस्तान, बांग्लादेश, मलेशिया, इंडोनेशिया और तुर्की जैसे इस्लामिक मुल्क इनकी पहानगाह हैं। इस्लामिक आतंकवाद की समस्या व उसकी जड़ के असली पोषक तत्व सिर्फ सऊदी अरब, चीन, ईरान ही नहीं हैं। इनके समर्थक गैर-मुस्लिम मुल्कों में वामपंथ, समाजसेवी और धर्मनिरपेक्षता की खोल में भी छुपे हुए हैं। इनके कई छद्म संगठन भी हैं, जो इस्लामिक शिक्षा और प्रचार-प्रसार के नाम की आड़ में कार्यरत हैं। इस्लाम ना तो तब इंसान बना सका ना अब. इस्लाम तब भी इंसान को जानवार और मानसिक गुलाम बना कर बहुत ही गलीज़ भोगेड़े लुटेरे शरणार्थी की जिंदगी दी और आज भी दे रहा है. इस्लाम इंसान को कभी भी अच्छी जिंदगी नहीं दे सकता. देख लो मुसलमान की हालत बताने के लिए शबद्कोष के शब्दों की कमी हो जाएगी इनकी बादतर हालत बयान नहीं कर सकते. पाकिस्तानी इस्लाम के शिकार का जीता जागता उदाहरण है. मुस्लमान का हलाला बलात्कार निकाह बलात्कार रिश्ते का बलात्कार औरत को टेंट में ढकने का बलात्कार इंसानी सोच की स्वतंत्रता पर रोक का बलात्कार, बहु विवाह और दरज़नो बच्चे पैदा करने का अपराध, कफिर करार देकर एक दूसरे को मारने का अपराध, ईशनिंदा और मूर्तद जैसे हिंसक अमानवीय शारिया कानून का सैकरो सबूत दे सकता हू. तूने मेरी एक बात को भी सबूत से काटा नहीं की आज रोहइंगया समेत 7 करोड़ मुस्लिम refugees नहीं है दुनिया भर में? पिछले 20 सालों में में पाकिस्तान में ओसामा समेत 4 करोड़ मुस्लिम नहीं मारे गए? समझदार इंसान इस्लाम को छोड़कर जा रहे हैं. और आगे मदरसा का तोता ग्यान बकने के पहले मौलवी से पूछ लेना एक ऐसा इंसान का नाम बता दे जिसको तुम सब मुस्लिम गर्व से केह सको ये है सचा मुसलमान. मुहम्मद का नाम मत ले लेना. क्यु कि वो क्रिमिनल था और अगर आज के दिन ज़िंदा होता तो जेल मे होता. और इसलिए मुसलिम इस्लाम छोड़ इंसान बन रहे हैं. 10 साल में सुनामी आने वाली है जब एक साथ 79% मुस्लिम इस्लाम छोड़ देंगे. ये गलत है कि अब तक किसी ने इस्लाम को खतम करने की कोशिश की. इस्लाम अब ख़तम होगा. इस्लाम इंटरनेट युग नही झेल पाएगा. बस भारत पाकिस्तान बांग्लादेश के गरीब जेहादी ही मुस्लिम रह जाएगा. क्यूकि इनको 50 साल बाद पता चलेगा कि दुनिया के मुस्लिम इस्लाम छोड़ दिया.

Mr. President Donald Trump – Time to stop Islamic Anti-Progress Elements

From Cultural Bridge Sact < >

16 Mosques are the pick up points for ISIS backed Muslims in Houston, Texas during Howdy, Modi Summit against the Progress of the USA, India and world. Stop these anti-progress elements and no bus should ever be driven from their mosques.  

Extremely Urgent Special Attention 

to President Mr. Donald Trump

RE: PROTOCOL OF ISLAM AND PAKISTAN that was waived live on the US televisions by the Attorney General John Ashcroft right after 9/11 – please read the Islamic Protocol’s excerpts from Pakistan. That must be seriously looked into as this Islamic Psyche will endanger the US Freedom of Progress by those who are terribly against the progress and freedom for all. Also warning to those who are trying to make the collation in Minnesota to favor their similar habits but remember Islam will not excuse anyone eventually once they got momentum here in the USA. Do you think Koran will be changed which clearly states to attack Jews on their holidays such as Yom Kippur? Please read as per their aggressive instructions to all Muslims that no word of Koran can be changed. In other words, this sickness of hate, murder, arson will continue on regardless of any collation. This is an artificial collation in Minnesota between two cousin religions so Muslims can buy time to strengthen up. It is time to stop their aggression before America becomes the next victim of Glamorization. 

Friday, September 20, 2019

To: President Mr. Donald Trump,

Hope this finds you and your beautiful family in the best of health and happiness.

It is extremely imperative as your unbiased adviser that it is time to examine the Islamic Psyche before they together make the mockery of the US Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Mind, Freedom of Speech.

In the year 1984, a famous book was published under the title “The Koran & The Infidel – The Koran and the Kafir” by A Ghosh from Houston, Texas. Its copy is in the Library of Congress and it is extremely essential for you to get it duplicated for your reading and record. This has been a documented book that explains in 100s of verses for a Muslim to attack the infidels while at play, or going to school or during busy working hours; attack them during their religious holidays such as Yom Kippur, or during night raids while at sleep and all these under their Islamic Allah’s commandment who is considered wise. How can they ever dare to call the religion of peace which they have made fool out of millions supporting their evil practices of arson, murder, suicidal attacks?

Also, around the year 1995, 100s of book on THE KORAN AND INFIDELS were sent to the US President Mr. Clinton and wife Hillary, Vice President Mr. Al Gore, US Senators, Congressmen. It is possible that one of this book may be in the library of White House. It is extremely imperative to study this book thoroughly so Americans are not left in the darkness under the influence of those International Conspirators – rather say safely those who had constantly rubbed “RUSSIAN COLLUSION” for solid three years against any of your planning by all sorts of their dirty propaganda for their very short term narrow-minded strategies.

EXAMPLE: In Syria, ISIS backed common Muslims ate the raw flesh of fellow Christians who had been their neighbors for more than a thousand year. What else can be the proof of pudding on the Islamic evil psyche?

It is time to stop their Islamic tendencies here in the USA by making sure that no Muslim is allowed to demonstrate during the “Howdy, Modi Summit.” YOU ARE THE BOSS.

Let not those International Conspirators here in the USA support these ISIS’s backed Islamic Jihadists interrupting your greater aims and mission for YOUR SHARED DREAMS, BRIGHT FUTURE for the USA, India and the World. Let them do so in Islamic Pakistan but no Islamic Jihadist should be allowed to demonstrate in the land of FREE AND BRAVE which in fact is meant for progress.

Please note: A Video has been included, herewith, exposing the Islamic Psyche, claiming to be the religion of peace.

It is, therefore, imperative for you as the President of the USA to stop their false claim – NO DEMONSTRATION BY ANY MUSLIM AGAINST THE INTEREST OF THE USA. Let no bus leave any of the mosque by directing the police. 

This is the best opportunity and only possible if you let those International Conspirators to stop ISIS’s backers for their planned demonstration against your “HOWDY, MODI! Shares Dreams, Bright Futures – A Community Summit in Honor of the Prime Minister of India -Shri Narendra Modi” on Sunday September 22, 2019.

Fanatic Islamic demonstrators are not only trying to intimidate Mr. Narendra Modi but challenging you and the entire Senators and other leaders who will be present in this summit, right here in the land of FREE AND BRAVE.

Now is the time for you to prove to these ISIS’s backed fanatic Islamic Jihadists, “WHO TRULY IS THE BOSS?”

Also all the Islamic Sharia Courts must be banned in the USA as there cannot be two laws, two governments and two administrations.

The following excerpts have been taken out from the book “The Quranic Concept of War” written by Brig. S. K. Malik of Pakistan and late president Zia of Pakistan dedicated the book preface.Wajid Alis Limited first published this 159-page book in Pakistan. It is also available from The English Book Store, 17-L Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001, India.



Teachings of the Quran


Relationship with non-Muslims



1. Islam is the only right religion on the earth; all other religions are wrong Non-Muslims are on the path of error.

2. It is the prime religious duty of every Muslim to convert all non-Muslims to Islam. This effort has to be continuous and non-stop. This continuous and non-stop effort is variously called ROAD TO HEAVEN. Muslim struggle for peace and justice, Jihad, etc.

3)There are three stages for bringing peace and justice on this earth:

(a) Advice and inducements to non-Muslims to get converted to Islam or at least to work for or under Islam;

(b) Creation of an atmosphere of psychological demoralization and confusion in the minds of non-Muslims;

(c) Military attack on non-Muslims. The stage (b) mentioned above is the most important one, to be employed on a large scale in dealing with communities, which are not likely to be converted to Islam on a mass scale at one time. It is preparatory to military attack when such attacks become necessary. If this psychological warfare is made in an intelligent and planned manner, the final conflict may be won even without a military attack. If, however, a military onslaught becomes imperative, a very good ground for military success would have been prepared through such preparatory, psychological demoralization.



Attack on non-Muslims is advised when they least suspect it, such as on their religious holy days, on Yom Kippur or on Sundays if the victims would-be Christians. They are to be attacked when they are at play or at sleep, when they are most vulnerable.


“When ye Muslims attack!

Create terror in the hearts of

Non-Muslims; Rob; Burn;

Slaughter on mass scale so as

To teach the survivors what

Awaits them if they do not

Surrender to Islam.”

If non-Muslims are prepared for truce, Muslims must impose conditions so as to achieve their conversion to Islam smoothly at a future date. During this period of truce, the non-Muslims are to live as second-class citizens under Muslim rule, paying special taxes for the privilege of living under Muslim ‘protection.’

When stage (c) comes and a war is declared, all Muslims, even the Muslim citizens of the invaded country are to support the invader, the Muslim attackers from outside and against the interest of the country of residence. Islam does not recognize any nationality other than Islamic identity.

If the Geneva Convention or any other Convention does not suit them, the Muslims must quote Islamic Law, which comes directly from Allah, the Muslim god and therefore supreme to every Muslim and superior to all other earthly laws made by non-Muslims men. The same holds good in the case of United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

Not one word of the Quran can be changed ever doubts cast on its contents and validity at any time and place. Punishment for such questioning is: ” D E A T H “

The Following is Prescribed in the holy(?) Quran

Stage by stage, march against the non-Muslims, hit them, offer them terms of peace, demoralize them, terrorize them ceaselessly in various forms, open or deceitful, infiltrate and create total confusion in the camp of non-Muslims. Then attack, and attack ruthlessly, as commanded by the holy Prophet in the holy Quran, slaughtering entire non-Muslim communities including their womenfolk and children.

Ye march ruthlessly

Ceaselessly till the conquest

is complete and there is left no

non-Muslim on this earth, till

Everyone obeys Shariat, law of Islam.”


No disobedience is tolerated inside Muslim territory. Slaughter the dissidents such that others shall not dare to raise voice of protest against a Muslim ruler. Carry on till there is strict observation of Islamic Law and Islamic Justice on the whole world.

4. To understand the teachings of Islam, read carefully the “Holy” Quran. Generous and excellent expositions of these teachings are given in that book. (End of Excerpts)


“(Quran is ) The Source (ideology) of (mass) Manufacturing Criminals”


Do you find any sign of peace?

THEY ARE TOO CONFUSED AS THE KORAN TRAINS THEM THAT JIHAD IS A PEACE ON THE PLANET EARTH. Since they can’t make the distinction between peace and criminal activities, it must be extremely difficult for the criminals to identify between “Terrorist” and “Freedom Fighters.” The fools still continue to accept these methods of Jihad by murdering civilians as peaceful methods. Psychologically, it is considered a total insanity.

Ever since the advent of 9/11/2001, America’s past Presidents, under the influence of very aggressive Shadow Government, owning all sorts of WORLD CLASS FAKE FREAK CONTROLLED MEDIA, has handed over 11 billion US dollars to Pakistan.

The warmongers had backed the warmongers so they could continue to do further proliferation of weapons of mass destruction – rest topics are just big show.

No Wonder! more than 3 years were simply wasted by the same fake media against President Mr. Trump by constantly rubbing non-stop “Russian Collusion.” At the end media came out with an empty hand. It is time to tell them to examine the windows of their hearts –looking first deeper into their own windows and then find out what truly have they done to bring the ultimate peace? CORRECT ANSWER: Nothing so far!

Without first establishing, the perfect and absolutely consistent to Natural Laws, one world society will never be achieved without the right knowledge, proper understanding and guidance. They do not have the slightest chance to stand upon.

Forefathers of the USA had already given the perfect answer:  “FOLLOW THE NATURAL LAWS, BASED ON VEDIC PRINCIPLES.”

Thank You.


On Behalf of Acharyaji

The Effect of Article 370 Abrogation

From: Direndra Sharma < >

The Abrogation 370, aims to overcome the Partition syndrome by enforcing One Nation, One Constitution.

Historical factors notwithstanding, Abrogation 370 issue is not the majority (Hindus) v. minority (Muslims), but the democratic governance over the decades of Communal vote-bank Politics.

It is irrational reasoning to justify the communal (Islamic) violence as self-defense or revenge against the majoritarian Modi Raj. Prevailing communal trust-deficit is indicative of ever widening gap between the Scientific social reconstruction and outdated communal identity. In the Arab-Muslim majority (Islamic) countries – the Muslims are engaged in raping and killing each other’s ..But there is no Muslim Gandhi to restore Peace in the Muslim world. While Democracy is Scientific* Secular political system, stands for Social Justice and Equal Rights for all irrespective of gender, caste, class, language, region or religion. 

Today, the Techno-digital socio-economic systems are Secular. There is no exclusive Blood group of minority (Kashmiri Muslims) that requires distinct medical-health services or separate transport- travel system. Prof. Stephen Hawking observed that “with the triumphs in Cosmology the future belongs to Space sciences, that we have reached the infinite Universe open before the future on coming generation. (when).. with great inventions, life will be revolutionizing the ways we live, work, eat, communicate and travel”.

While Democracy is Scientific* Secular political system, stands for Social Justice and Equal Rights for all irrespective of gender, caste, class, language, region or religion. This author had a few encounters with the Kashmiri Freedom fighters. The motto on the wall said “HANS KE LIYA HAI Pakistan, LADKE LENGE HINDUSTAN”

The Kashmiri Separatists attacked the Indian Parliament when Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was the President of the Republic, and the J&K was under the 370 Rule. The jihadi suicidal in the battle of Indian Parliament were hailed as Kashmiri Freedom Fighters. Notwithstanding the outdated reactionary communal politics, we need to begin with assertion that the South Asian peoples share not only geo-graphical space but also a common history and culture. 

The people of South Asian community must give up fighting for exclusive regional, and communal sectarian identities.

During the last Republic Day parade (2019), all the official floats were dedicated to the Gandhiji’s message of Peace and Social work.. Narendra Modi had repeated the Upanishadic mantra:


 Prevailing communal trust-deficit is indicative of ever widening gap between Scientific* Democratic Governance against the communal politics.

“The future belongs to Space sciences,” observed Stephen Hawking that “with the triumphs in Cosmology..we have reached the infinite Universe open before the future on coming generation. … with great inventions, life will be revolutionizing the ways we live, work, eat, communicate and travel”.

Today, the Techno-digital socio-economic systems are Secular as ATM does not ask your caste or religion. There is no exclusive Blood group of minority (Kashmiri Muslims) that requires distinct medical-health services or separate transport- travel system.

* (Science’s pursuit is about figuring how nature works. Then technologists (engineers) create products, that solve some problems humans have. When that is understood, the above article does not explain how one ca say a democracy is scientific. Democracy is just a collective agreement by the people of a country about how they want to be ruled; what kind of gov’t they want. It is am man-made system and is not absolute. Any form of gov’t can be misused by some people. Even in Ram-Rajya all were not equally happy, but the govt was perfect. Pakistan and Hamas are fake democracies to fool the non-Muslims. This is because Islam is against the democratic form of gov’t. Evidence is in Koran and attacks om Parliaments, and lawlessness of many Muslims. Additionally, human rights are not a part of Islam.  Therefore, the Hindustani Muslims whose ancestors were Hindus who were forced to accept Islam must be forced to quit Islam or quit Hindustan. It was Islam that forced the 1947 partition of Hindustan. No Hindu should buy or sell anything to Muslims till they quit Islam or quit Hindustan.  There are other ways to press the Muslims also. – Suresh Vyas)


Where The Persecuted Hindus Could Go, Only to Hindustan

From: Sirish Dave < >

(This is what the HIndus expect from Modi ji/Hindustan Govt. – Suresh Vyas)
India alias Bharat is the only country having Hindus as majority. India and especially Hindus are tolerant and respectful towards other religion by virtue of their culture.
Once upon a time Narendra Modi had assured that Hindus from any country if they feel they are not safe in the country where they are staying now, they would be well come in India and they will be granted citizenship.
Now look at this. When India was divided and the border was closed, in Pakistan there were 17% Hindus. Now they are less than 1%
This means,
Either 16% Hindus are killed
these 16% Hindus are converted to Islam,
these 16% Hindus were not safe in Pakistan, thereby the came to India as the additional lot of refugee during 1951 to 2018.
Similar is the case of Hindus in East Pakistan (Bangladesh)
There Hindus were 33% in 1950. Now it is 8% Hindus. That is 25% Hindus Either these Hindus are killed,
these 25% Hindus are converted to Islam
these 25% Hindus found they are not safe and thereby they left Bangladesh and became refugees in India.
It is a beyond doubt situation that some thing seriously wrong with Muslims of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Beyond doubt Muslims are intolerant and en-par with terrorists.
Despite of this, The Nehruvian Congress (Indira Nehru Congress alias I.N.C.)party had not bothered on Hindus safety.
On the Contrary the aforesaid dynastic party has pampered Muslims of India all the time till this date, and made them more radical. This has cause the Muslims of the pockets where the Muslims are in majority and Hindus are in minority, they are torturing Hindus and force them to go elsewhere.
Narendra Modi should Take These Congis to task along with communal Muslims.

Why Muslims Are Leaving Islam?

From: Chander Kohli < >

Why are these Muslims Leaving Islam And Are being  Proud Of It
By Ayesha Alnissa
(Short answer: Because they are rational humans. – Suresh Vyas)
 – Sep 09, 2019, 7:45 pm
 How a North American group is building public support for those who seek to leave, or have left, the Muslim faith.
For the past few days, the hashtag #AwesomeWithoutAllah is trending on Twitter. Ex-Muslims across the world are celebrating leaving Islam and sharing with ‘twitterati’ their happiness on being free from the shackles of Sharia and acquiring newfound freedoms which they could only imagine before.
Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA), a non-profit organisation, is spearheading this campaign online as well as offline. It has put up billboards at various public places. “Nearly one in four Muslims raised in the United States have left Islam,” reads one. “Godless. Fearless. Ex-Muslim,” it adds.
One of the goals of EXMNA is to reduce discrimination faced by those who leave Islam. It promotes secular values and is working towards making religious dissent acceptable. The initiative was founded in 2012 by Muhammad Syed, a human rights activist.
Islam is a one-way street as far as its affiliation is concerned. It allows, no, insists, on converting people of other faiths. But no one can leave it for the punishment decreed by Sharia (Islamic law), for apostasy is death.
And killing someone for leaving Islam is not a mere disturbing theory. It is regularly enforced across the Muslim world and that includes even the Western nations where Sharia is not the law. Where the state is not Islamic, zealous Muslims take it upon themselves to punish those who ‘stray’ from the path of Allah. Last week, two Muslim men were arrested by the authorities in the UK for plotting to kill a female relative who had renounced Islam.

To Senior Members of BJP, From Kumar Arun

From: Kumar Arun < >

 ~~~~~ To Senior Members of BJP~~~~~
Enough is enough! How could you forget the reason of Partition? Don’t you all remember the basic reason of Bharat/India becoming two nation?
Only handful of Muslims living in India for last 70 years have exhibited true loyalty for Hindu India, rather majority (almost 90%) of Muslims have silently, personally and through their network, vastly underground have been supporting their brother & sisters in Pakistan. Moreover, Khans and other rich Muslims in Bollywood and especially in Mumbai, have been pouring their hearts to citizens as well as government of Pakistan.
It is time for you, the manager of BJP, to first modify your own party free from any Muslim members and then the entire country in coming 10 years or sooner. It is easy. Those Muslims who have been in BJP for more than 10 years must covert themselves and accept Hinduism by changing their name & daily activities. Once that happens, message will resonate throughout the country.  Either Muslims do return back to Sanaatan Dharma or plan to leave the country after 10 years.
Why ten years? Who not now?  What time Islam gave to the Kashmiri Pundits? – Suresh Vyas