Namaste Hindus!

Dear Sanaatan Dharmies!

Use this blog for articles and poems that evoke and increase Vedic dharma prem and Vedic raashtra prem.

The Vedic scriptures provide a universal religion for mankind, and that is why it is called Dharma. It needs to be understood correctly, and live by dharma.

Please understand and inform others that making Hindustan a Hindu State cannot be any problem to anyone because the Hindu dharma provides proven processes (yoga’s.) Practicing any yoga any human can advance spiritually, and spiritual advancement of anyone or any nation cannot cause any problem to anyone. Therefore, please unite and act, and make Hindustan, our devabhuumi, a Hindu State; without which the Hindu dharma and samskriti may not survive in Hindustan against the forcibly invaded anti-Vedic religion(s) in Hindustan.

Please economically boycott Muslims, with unity, till they quit Islam or quit Bhaarat. After the 1947 partition Islam should not be in Bhaarat.

We need to use that Vedic knowledge to solve our personal or national problems.  Please insist on Gov’t and Hindu org’s to use svadeshi concepts and processes just as we insist for svadeshi products and service.

Jai Sri Krishna!