Farmers Protest: 40 Leaders in NIA Net | Dr. Manish Kumar | Capital TV

Problem: The anti-national forces who have hijacked the Kisaan Aandolan want to illegibly march with tractors and weapons on Raj path to make valent disturbance.

Below is a suggestion for the Gov’t for the 26 January procession planning.

  • Declare now that whoever courses  disturbance on the Raj path on 26 Jan will be considered enemy of the nation and will be controlled /punished with हिंसा.
  • Replace the traditional procession persons with police and military persons fully equipped with protection gear and appropriate शस्त्र.
  • On 26 January, शस्त्र चलाओ on whoever makes disturbance to the procession.


जिहाद के विरुद्ध महायुद्ध 20-21 फ़रवरी को सर्व धर्म सम्मेलन | Yati Baba on Jihad

​जिस मजहब ने मन्दिर तोडे, उस मजहब को बैन करो।

जिस मजहब ने हिन्दू मारे, उस मजहब को बैन करो।

जिस मजहब आतंक मचाये, उस मजहब को बैन करो।

एक जुटके कुछ भी करो, भारत हिन्दू राष्ट्र करो।