Islamic Terrorists Planning to Destroy Ram Janam Bhuumi Temple

From” Tilak Shreshtha < >

Dear Hindus,


Note – The words in maroon font are inserted by Suresh Vyas

It is the very nature of the evil Islam generated ideology to attack others. The Ram temple is an excuse. And they will find thousands of excuses, e.g. according to Islam ‘not being a Muslim is a crime.’

The counter or our own survival depends upon the correct analysis of the Islamic threat and correct responses\precautions. The solutions are not ‘justice’, ‘nice’, ‘goodness’, ‘Gandhi’, etc. Such solutions presuppose existence of some form of common humanity, where dialogues on the basis of ‘common humanity’ is possible. With Islam there is none.

Because, Islam is a brainwashing system par excellence. It produces Zombies with a single thought. The world is divided as Muslims and Kafirs. All the thinking and doings are to benefit Muslims and hurt Kafirs. Do not take my words for it, but read Quran \ Hadis \ Shirah and study the history. The correct simile is the relation between the herbivores and the carnivores in the nature. The carnivores must kill and eat herbivores, else die of starvation. Biggest nonsense the herbivores may do is to preach Gandhi. The cowardly and dumb Hindus should learn from the thousand years of own history.

Fortunately, the solution is simple.

  1. The tactical solution is to pose unmistakable counter threat. The Hindus should stop acting like sitting ducks to receive all attacks and rapes. Lootings from the enemy. When the enemy is known and his activities and whereabouts, all we need is a well-planned well executed action.
  2. The strategic solution is ‘not to let Madrassas brain wash young minds’, and to explain exactly what Islam is to all, Muslims and non-Muslims. There should be an international understanding and effort on this front, e.g. small pox.
  3. Respecting ‘multi-culture’ and ‘all religions’ must be coupled with the essential views like:
    1. ‘tolerating intolerance is not tolerance’,
    2. ‘respecting bad culture is bad culture’, and
    3. ‘Fascism with religious burka needs exposing.’

Only China understood the threat since the ‘Battle of Talash’ and today trying to solve it appropriately. Guess why no Muslim leaders speak against China but practice ‘Taquiya.’

I am all for ‘Sarve bhavantu sukhinah’ and ‘sarve bhadrani pashyantu.

But these are not absolute principles of Dharma. Saving freedom to practice dharma, and saving our maatrubhuumi and our women has highest priority.

‘ But do not slap me. If you do, I will help you to realize what Islam is by different means, you may not enjoy. E.g. here is an article FYI on Islam attached.

There is no reason why the Hindus, with unity, should not boycott Muslims till they quit Islam or quit Bhaarat.

Thanks, Tilak