How to Hinduize Bhaaratiya Muslims

How to Hinduize Bhaaratiya Muslims


How to Make Muslims Pro-Hindu

By Suresh Vyas

Here are some ideas for consideration. Some of the ideas may sound unfair or un-democratic, but understand that Islam has invaded in Bhaarat by force for 1000 years, and the Hindus have suffered immensely from Muslims beyond tolerance. It was Islam that caused the partition of India in 1947. Islam is anti-Hindu and anti-democracy. 1400 years history shows that there cannot be peace where there is Islam. The partition is the proof that Islam is not compatible with the Hindu Dharma, which is universal religion for mankind. It (Dharma) provides ways to advance spiritually; and as one advances spiritually, one lives more and more sin-free. Sin-free living cannot be a problem for anyone.

  1. Make Bhaarat a Hindu State (not secular) where Islam will be illegal.
  2. Action/Task for Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabhaa (HDAS):
    1. Take authentic Koran in MS Word, and delete all those lines that are anti-Hindu, or anti-Human, or anti-national. Ensure there is no like that makes a follower aligned with to any country other than Hindustan.
    2. Delete those lines that tell to do jihad against kafirs, and the lines about darul-al Islam and Darul-al harb.
    3. Delete those lines whose practice is against Hindu dharma or causes hinderance to Hindu dharma practice.
    4. Publish the revise version as Hinduized Koran that the Govt should recommend for Muslims, and all other Korans banned.
  3. Ban Bukhari, and Hadith
  4. Ban foreskin and clitoris cutting.
  5. Ban burkha
  6. Ban namaz on streets, confine Islam practice within homes only.
  7. Ban use of Urdu and Arabic.
  8. Bal possession or printing of Koran in Urdu or Arabic.
  9. Ban subsidies for Hajj.
  10. No separate schools for Muslims.
  11. Declare Bakri Ed will not be a national holiday
  12. No entry or visa for foreign Muslim preachers
  13. Press Muslims in every way (e.g. economic boycott) to either quit Islam or quit Bhaarat.
    1. No voting rights to illegal invaders such as Rohingyas and Bangla Deshi Muslims.
  14. Run monthly Ghar Waapasi public programs all over the nation.
  15. Close Muslim universities and seminaries.
  16. Ban loud speakers in/on mosques.
  17. Take away voting right of all members in any Muslim family that produces more than 1-2 children.
  18. No separate courts for Muslims
  19. Severe punishment for Muslims that go against the law.