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व्यक्ति की पहचान उसकी जाति कैसे तय हो सुप्रीम कोर्ट का निर्णय video

How a person’s jati could be determined?” Supreme Court (SC) has give a judgment on that.

Q: Why SC wants to give a judgment on that?

A: Because the govt wants to give or not give free benefits to certain jatis.

Q: Why Govt wants to give free benefit to certain jatis?

A: 1) because of getting votes, and 2) to socially (or in other ways) uplift socially lower classes.

Q: Is it possible to make all persons equal?

A: No. God has made each person unique. It requires intelligence to figure how to use one’s strengths and abilities to rise to higher varna or jati; and all do not have that intelligence equally.

Q: In what aspect the Govt wants to uplift so called lower class?

A: Only the Govt can answer it, but if the Govt gives free money, then Govt actually wants to keep the lower in the same lower class. This is so because one who gets free benefit would want to remain low jati just to get free benefit.

Q: Is the desire to get something free a good character?

A: No. One who gets something free usually is not producing any useful, problem solving, service or product to raise the nation’s GDP.

Q: If one expects free benefits, is it one’s good character?

A: No. A freeloader is a burden to the society or nation. No one looks up at such a person. It is (should be) shame for one who expects something free from other(s).

Q: Are the persons in a lower jati oppressed or mistreated by other jatis?

A: If they are, then it is sinful, and crime, of the other jatis. Rather than asking for free benefits, the lower jatis should file complaints against those who oppress them or mistreat them. Additionally, Hindu social and dharma organizations and dharma gurus need to

spread Dharma so that on one would do such sin and crimes. Looking from different angle, we could say that if there are no FIR’s about oppression, then there is not caste or jati issue in the nation.

Q: What should the Govt do to make some lower jatis happy?

A: Govt should give temporary help so that those who are at lower level can rise by their own effort. Govt can give GuNa training and karma training to raise those whose guNa and karma are at lower level. Additionally, Govt should ensure that the lower class should get basic necessities. E. g. no one should sleep hungry, and they should get medical care and justice easily. Those lower jati person who are healthy could be given micro loans to become producers of value products or services.

Q: Can one change one’s GuNa and Karma?

A: Sure, if one decides to do so, and feels shame to get anything free. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s thousands of disciples were freeloader hippies with no dharma or any good character, but they became Krishna bhaktas, and even dharma preachers.

Q: Is it sin and detrimental to the nation if Govt give free benefits to people?

A: Yes, if it is done to get votes, and if benefits are given permanently to beneficiaries.

Q: Is one’s jati an intrinsic property of a person?

A: No. One’s jati is judged by one’s GuNa and karma. It is judged by each person for oneself and by the society in which one lives. It is not any courts business to judge one’s jati. One’s DNS is a scientific measure, but jati is not. Jati is a social classification for convenience, not for oppression or hating or mistreating.

Q: Are some works/jobs in society that most do not like to do it?

A: Yes, e. g. janitors’ job, butcher’ job, massage, etc. Those in the society who are poor do such jobs for living. Because they do it for the society, the society should care them, give them fair wage, and give due respect and dignity. No temple should bar them from entering a temple as long as they are clean.

The temples should provide shower rooms and some cloth where any unclean person can take shower, wear a clean cloth, and go for darshan. To not allow clean Hindus from entering temple is a sin per Hindu Dharma.

jaya sri krishna!

Suresh Vyas

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