हिन्दुओ ने “मुस्लिम रहित क्षेत्र” बनाने का निर्णय लिया -यति नरसिंहानन्द सरस्वती

The elimination or ‘Hinduising’ of the 500 mini-Pakistan within Bhaarat can be done by the Hindus around the mini-Paks by acting with unity and carrying on the reverse process by which the Muslims created the mini-paks. So, this is the reverse process: First unite at the neighborhoods around a mini-Pak. Be equipped and ready to execute kshatriya dharma if necessary. Then tell clearly to the women of the houses at the mini-pak boundary homes to vacate the house or else. Do this with visible clout of unity and strength. When vacated, take the house for a Hindu family with kshatriya spirit. If the don’t vacate, then treat them as Muslim treat Hindus. There is no sin per Hindu Dharma to do so with the asuras. ॥शठे प्रतिशाठ्यम्॥