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Who Gave Me Refugee Tag?


Sent: Mon, 26 Mar 2018 7:53

Subject: Re: An Apology

Dear Sirs,

To be honest and frank, I find this controversy a little beyond me.

Many a times, I think why our Father, put us in RAM ASHRAM SCHOOL, an education center for elite Hindus’ Children. It was beyond his means, more so at that time.

When we came to Amritsar, in August/September in a Convoy from JHEHLUM City, we had just a Cane Suit Case of Food Stuff, courtesy LALA AWTAR NARAIN F/O late PM Inder K Gujral who had put his Car at my Father’s Disposal, in JEHLUM. Fortunately, earlier in August, he had come to India to organize 45 Truck Convoy with an Army Escort. He had put 2/3 Suit Cases of essential Clothes in some Seth’s huge Bungalow, in Amritsar. The SETH had spared us two Rooms. Food used to be served by the Lady of the House in her huge Kitchen. Standing, she would put PHULKAA in our THAALIS with an expert Cricketer’s throw, from about 10 feet. Then we shifted to temporary Flat in Hall Bazaar, after my Father joined Duty in Punjab Police Amritsar. 2 months later, we shifted to another very comfortable 1st Floor House in the Evacuee’s Property in some Street in HAAL BAZAAR.

Nationalist Fervor was very strong at that time among the Displaced People, not withstanding atrocities committed in the other Punjab. In fact, my own Father was brutally attacked in a Village THAANA/LELE/JEHLUM, around April 1947 or so, for saving Hindus from masquerading Mobs in nearby town.

His Pay was around Rs. 200/- per month, at that time. Being an absolute honest Husband, my Mother managed with that. We two Brothers would cycle to School and little Sister used to be taken to School by our Orderly. As I said earlier, we used to get no pocket money and had no friends. One day, I saw a truck with dead bodies passing by. One-time Panditji, came to address huge crowd, most were Refugees, in Company Bagh. Yet some Punjab Ministers would do trade with Lahore surreptitiously and then CM/Shri BHAGAVA would not agree to they being arrested when caught red handed. When Panditji demised, I was in Port Blair, I too cried with the whole Nation. In 1948, Panditji/Sardar Patel, had my Father posted to J&K and thus returned to IB.

I carried the TAG of a Refugee which did hurt me deep within. I was born in RAM NAGAR [ next to New Delhi Railway Station,] in Delhi in November, 1936. WHY WAS A I REFUGEE IN MY OWN PLACE OF BIRTH? Who was responsible for my this TAG. Why did I have to suffer an offhand attitude which I had to endure for many decades.

I served my country faithfully till superannuation in 1996. And then began my journey of discovery as to who and how I was made a Refugee, in my own Country. Yes Parents, though born in W Punjab, too should not have been labelled as Refugees. Lala Avtar Naraian and PM IK Gujral shifted to India in 1948/49 as did Shri Advaniji. That is our Bureaucracy/HUKMARAAN.

I have found no clear Answers, till date.

2.5 Million strong apolitical Indian Military, post WW 2, was itself put in the process of crossing and thus largely disarmed, so was the Police. Why Lord Mountbatten could not foresee it, from the Riots of March/April 1947. British Military was guarding BRITS in far flung TEA ESTATES.

Why the AWAAM were not informed in depth what was going to happening. Very few knew about the Choice to go to India, in fact 2nd biggest ethnic cleaning/HOLOCAUST. Lala Avtar Narain was then MLA in Punjab Assembly and opted for Pakistan on Mr. JINNAH A’s assurances.

Muslim League was clear. They wanted Premiership and no Voting Rights for their Women and weightage beyond their strength too, a revert to Mogul times.

Nobody knows who agreed to Partition of India. But Panditji with Shri Krishna Menon joined Lord Mountbatten Family in Shimla in June/July 1947 where the contours of the Division were agreed upon. MAHATMAJI was kept out of the Loop and was informed on his MAUNWART Day of the Week.

Lord Attlee/PM, wanted to leave India in a Mess. UK/War Office wanted Pakistan separate but J&K was contrived as that was a Door to riches of Central Asia, soft Belle of USSR, CHINA and unspoken was INDIA. West wanted and still want Air Base in Srinagar Valley. Cross Border Terrorism and Afghanistan imbroglio will remain till either India becomes weak and dismembered or united and very strong.

NATIONALISM is my DHARMA but I have a Right to Know who gave me Refugee Tag. I have been a Member of Indian Society of International Law and International C Red Cross Committee /UNO is their Partner in many Seminars. There is no legal definition for me. But Law Society’s advice is that, I can sue the Government of India. But first I must know who gave me the Refugee Tag. I am not crazy.

In conclusion, I find it amusing, this or that Political Party. DARPOKON AUR AISHPRAST KOUM KISI GINTI MEIN SHUAMR NAHIN KI JAATIN HAIN.

Warm regards,

Commander Prem P Batra Retired


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