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On Sat, 31 Mar 2018 18:49

And then the ENEMY captured Lahore and proceeded to massacre the non Muslim residents in the city- the indigenous people.  
Gangs of killers roamed freely. Law enforcing authorities were nowhere to be seen. Residents shut their doors & windows in terror, awaiting the inevitable, expecting the worst.
There was NO law and order in Lahore just as there had been NO law and order in Multan and Rawalpindi earlier, now resembling ghost towns. The barbarians had wiped out civilization.
Those who stepped out to fetch water from the street taps, buy food or milk for the babies were instantly beheaded. The others perished in their own homes set ablaze by the highly charged Muslim mobs shouting “Allah hu Akbar”. Women and girls were dragged out of their homes to be raped and gang raped, none heeding to their anguished cries. They shouted “Mummy!, Daddy!” whose mutilated corpses lay in front of their eyes.
India, Bharat, Hindustan, whatever one may wish to call her, had DIED.
Where was humanity? Where were the champions of Secularism? Where were the super powers? Where was the UNO? where were HUMAN – RIGHTS , Where was God?
Weeks later the INVADERS were to head for Srinagar, raping, looting, burning along the way till the Indian army, flown in post-haste, confronted them just 12 miles short of Srinagar, the capital, where the residents heaved a sigh of relief.
Was “Partition” a non event like the bite of a mosquito or a devastating, crippling, major attack by a “beast” that mutilated India, devouring a leg and an arm, claimed two million lives, brought the frontier down from Khyber to Wagah, with gangrene spreading in torso?
How patriotic are those who “deny” Partition like those who deny the Jewish Holocaust? How right are they who do not wish to talk about Partition of India, fearing civil war and their own death?
Are they serving or betraying Truth? Are they brave or cowards? Can the cowards defy common sense and the entire wisdom of mankind, all the lessons from history, all Laws of Nature- and still hold on to LAND?
What do YOU think?
Easter weekend 2018
(Saturday 31 March 2018)
PS: Please preserve this “leaf from memory” and save it for the coming generations, for the humanity – till eternity.
On Sunday, April 1, 2018 7:46 AM, rsingh305 via Patriots Forum < > wrote:


Thank you.
Our great civilisation and the even greater glory of our Scriptures, thoughts and writings must be seen through the lense of PERFORMANCE ON LAND. By now it should be OBVIOUS to all that our enemies, with Spiritual & Ideological epicentres in distant FOREIGN lands, aim to capture our LAND to the last square inch and exterminate us or drive us up the trees. How many Non Muslims have survived in West Punjab and what is the STATUS & IMAGE of Hindus in East Bengal?
In other words, all the Vedas and Granths and all our heroes and martyrs and the great scholarly volumes on the “Hindu” way of life, philosophy and Dharma, mean little if they are contemptuously considered little or irrelevant in Lahore and East Bengal, and if we see a Hindu dreaming of getting back to his home in Srinagar or crying over the sight of his looted shop and home and the burnt out shell of his temple in West Bengal. Overall “Hindu” (majority community) protective UMBRELLA was also expected to ensure the safety and well-being of the smaller and more vulnerable NATIVE “streams and tributaries” like the Jains, the SIKHS and the Buddhists.
“Performance on Land” means the ability of the NATIVES (Hindus) to DOMINATE our territory from KHYBER to CHITTAGONG in a virile and manly manner, NOT from Wagah to Hoogly.
With these ideas, a resurgence should begin straightaway with the aim of flying Bhagwa over KHYBER PASS once again. The WATERSHED between Savage and the Civilised has to be Khyber Pass and Sulaiman Range, not Wagah and Kutch. A bully and aggressor must NEVER be rewarded, or allowed to live with his LOOT.
1 Apr 18

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