भारत में प्रचलित सेक्युलरवाद – डॉ शंकर शरण – India Inspires Talks

“Dharma” is not “religion.”

Bhaarat’s anti-majority constitution needs to be amended or overhauled.

This video clearly makes us understand that we Hindus must make Bhaarat a Vedic State, not secular. Secularism is European medicine against Xianity. It is not for us Hindus or Hindustan because our dharma and culture are inherently respectful to all faiths that are respectful to dharma.


योगी आदित्यनाथ को प. बंगाल मे आने से रोका ??


तो क्या भारतीयो को वहा जाने के लिये विसा की जरुरत पडेगगी ?
क्या वो भारत का भाग नहि है कि वहां नहिं जा शकते ?

Call military or police and assert the right to freely go/enter as required.

jaya sri krishna!


500 “Pakistans” within Hindustan!!

These internal threats need to be solved with unity by the Hindus of Hindustan.

He talks about about Subhaschandra Bose, secularism, when Hindustan got independence, Rohingiyas, if Burma can expel Islam in short time then why Hindustan cannot (it should and must), masjid, Islam broke 40,000 Hindu temples and built mosques on top, Article 35, etc.

This video also informs that Bhaarat’s govt support terrorists, and punishes lovers of desh.

Hindus have no reason to tolerate this.

Please listen this video and share with Hindus.

jaya sri krishna