Namaste _/\_.
I am pleased that you are informing the world, especially the Hindus, that the current constitution of Bhaarat is anti-Hindu and anti-national.
This humble self is a senior engineer in the US.
I request to please consider / deliberate on this recommendation: 
Adopt the US constitution for Bhaarat, and finalize it by giving it some Vedic flavor because:
1. This US constitution is drafted very deliberately by the wisest men of the time, in such a way that all the wrongs Britain did to the US colonies is made impossible to happen under the constitution. 
2. The constitution is more in consonance with the Vedic Dharma, than with Christianity.
4. It provides a President-system, which makes it easy to make decisions faster compared to the Parliamentary system. In this info age, and fast changing world and geopolitical situations, Bhaarat needs to make good decisions fast.
4. The US constitution has proven working best over 250 years.
After adopting the US constitution for Bhaarat please remove the five defects in the constitution, as described in a short article at
I believe we need a pro-Vedic constitution for Bhaarat as soon as possible.
We also need a governmental legal instrument or event declaring that we are not a colony of Britain any more.
jaya sri krishna!
suresh vyas
Vedic preacher and purohit

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