From:B K Chaudhari < >

Dear President,
A political figure that also of the stature of CM of an important
State of Bharat is intolerant and too narrow minded that he is offended
by a CARTOON!  His goons do not hesitate to openly thrash a Great warrior
in the open.  He is so stubborn and NAPUSANK that he cannot leash his
GOONS and makes no Statements/Comments at all. He is so Shameless!
He ought to know that his father was also a known Cartoonist of his time
and established himself as a CRUEL STARIST and entered into Politics.
I agree with you that Bala Sahib Thackray is being portrayed now against
his actual deeds.  He was a very narrow minded person always mired into
dirty PROVINCIALISM. It was him, who made the slogan very infamous,
MUMBAI HAMCHI.  It was him who set the precedent of vendetta against
the South Indians and threatened  and carried out violence at the slightest cause.
Beating, extorting, humiliating even shaving persons in the open.
The legacy continued with impunity by his illustrious tribesmen.  They even
beat up the EXAMINEE CANDIDATES, when they were deep asleep at the
Railway Stations.  The list continues.
While doing so they forgot the Great Contribution of Maharashtra in the struggle
for Independence and the other Sacrifices which the Great Marathas have made.
The excellent Leaders like Economists CD Deshmukh, Social and Political Assets
like Bal Gangadharji and many others mean nothing to these Goons.  Savarkarji
will be crying in heaven at this type of predicament.  And what about the BHARAT GAURAV
CHATTRAPATTI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ, who had principles, even for the enemies!
Yesterday in an ugly write up of their mouthpiece SAaMNA it has been openly claimed
that MAHARASHTRA MEIN HI DESH HAI, whereas a sensible DESH BAKHT will say that DESH MEIN HI
MAHARASHTRA HAI.  How separatists and narrow regionalism has plagued their mindset?
Finally, in a discussion in DANGAL of AAJ TAK, their representative Kishore Tiwari did not leave
any room to reaffirm the disgusting credentials of SHAV Sena (Shaitan Seva).  He was treating the
occasion as if he was in a MACHHLI BAZAR!
With regards
BK Chaudhari

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