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“Islam does not include Human Rights, and therefor it must be declared illegal in non-Muslim democracies.” – Suresh Vyas

A pregnant woman was given DEATH PENALTY court in Sudan- for leaving Islam #ExMuslimLivesMatter

In India, there is a question of Safoora Zargar, who allegedly instigated riots in Delhi in February 2020, being denied bail and kept in jail despite being pregnant. There are laws which specify what needs to be done in such cases, and her being denied bail is perfectly legal. Besides, her dangerous statements are on record. One can see what she said here

Despite this, the Left-liberals and camouflaged Islamic radicals like Arfa Sherwani, and others claimed that ‘injustice’ was done to her, and that she should have been released from jail just because she is pregnant. In this context, we must tell the world what Islamists did and continue to do to former Muslims, those who leave Islam.

In May 2014 in Sudan, a HEAVILY PREGNANT woman was given DEATH penalty for converting to Christianity from Islam, marrying a Christian man. Her only ‘crime’ was leaving Islam.


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