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The best news so far! The Nehru DYNASTY IS VANISHING.
We heard from the Indian media that Rahul Gandhi has refused the prayers and pleas of the “cattle”** to lead the Congress Party. He is leaving for the United States. (WHY?) 
We are told that his mother, sister and brother-in-law are already in the USA allegedly for medical treatment. (The black money – the loot  – they have collected for 70 years needs to be taken back from them. – Else they will enjoy the benefits of their misuse of power. – Suresh Vyas)
In seven decades of their absolute rule when they were busy in SCAMS, looting the nation, they had no money left to set up excellent hospitals in the country where they could go for treatment. Neither did they set up good schools and universities if all of them, Nehru, Indira, Sanjay and Rajiv ALL studies abroad!
With the departure of the bogus “Gandhis” the country has finally GOT RID OF the secret enemies. It was Congress Party that agreed to “partition” the ancient land of wisdom & divinity on crude criterion of “Islam vs. The Rest!” 
Under Congress leadership India shrank in size by one third. Congress agreed to give away more than half of Bengal and Punjab besides Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP and even North Kashmir.
Millions of Hindu/Sikh refugees, fleeing their ancestral homes in three clothes wanted to EXTERMINATE the Party of Traitors then and there. Realizing the anger of the masses, Nehru assumed dictatorial powers and freely used secret services like C.I.D., security forces and all the media to sing his praises day and night.
It is the same Congress Party that recognized ISLAM as a force to reckon with, while banishing the word “Hindu” in the Constitution of Bharat. It is the same Congress Party that created unrest in East Punjab by dividing the indigenous communities, and then sent armed forces to Sri Lanka to kill the Tamils of Indian origin! When will their TRIAL be held?
It is the same Congress Party that imposed EMERGENCY in our democracy in order to intimidate and terrorise the critics of Dynasty and their Allies. It is the same Congress Party that deliberately degraded the Hindus in West Bengal and South Kashmir. It is the same Congress Party that ruined the image of the Hindus in the whole world.
People who were regarded “cattle”** by Nehru have become STALWARTS now, thanks to Narendra Modi, who strongly “relates” to the common man besides being honest, upright and caring. No wonder, the Congress “चन्डाल चौकडी” has seen the WRITING ON THE WALL – that at long lost the natives have liberated themselves of the awe & aura, even fear & terror, of the ruling Dynasty and the Congress Party.
People of India may not have any clue to the historic turning point
where the country stands today, that is, Nehru Dynasty, once holding the “Shaan & Shakti” of Mogul emperors and British Viceroys, is finally DEAD.
People’s prayers have been heard at last. Congress Party has FORESEEN what was coming! They were going to be splattered with cow dung and rotten eggs and beaten up in the streets. 
“People courts” were about to be set up in every town and village and charge sheets read out to the corrupt Congress leaders and members of Nehru Dynasty.
The ULTIMATE was also thinkable: End of Dynasty and their Congress Party like the end of Hindus and Sikhs in West Punjab brought about by them. Sonia and Rahul have foreseen the imminent dawn of “Hindu Rashtra” that they tried their utmost to bury in mud. The ultimate DECEPTION done by them was to conceal their own religion. None in Dynasty and Congress High Command ever said, “I am Hindu!” Only emaciated, demoralized Hindus, the despicable scum, are still seen appealing to Rahul Gandhi, “Please come back. Save Hindustan!”
SHAME on this defeated lot! THEY SHOULD BE EDUCATED. Those who were “cattle” in the eyes of Nehru are the natives of the sacred soil of Hindustan and are about to CHASE AWAY the importers and the old FALSE & FRAUDULENT rulers.
We should know the real reason for the final “demise” of Nehru Dynasty & their Congress Party in the auspicious year 2019.
4 July 2019
** Pandit(?) Nehru regarded the PEOPLE OF INDIA “cattle.” Hence he neither rejected Partition outright, nor insisted on Population Exchange in 1947.

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