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Nizam of Hyderabad quietly transferred  Rs 350 crones to Pakistan
Just before “Hyderabad Action – operation Polo” during early 1948 Nizam’s Finance Minister transferred Rs 350 crores, which were lying in Bank of England, to the then Pakistani High Commissioner’s Bank a/c in London.
Immediately thereafter, a Cable was sent to the Bank, by the Indian Govt, to reverse the earlier instructions but bank said once it has been transferred, it can Not be transferred back without their Client’s permission. Client did not oblige.

Ever since then the legal battle is going on with no seemingly solution & the funds are remaining in Pakistani High Commissioner’s Bank of England’s a/c  with No seemingly solution in sight in the near future.
( Please note Rs 350/- Crores of 1948 now mean at least ten times, may be more)

Hence , I want Modi Govt do something Fast to bring back our above funds soonest.
S C Gupta, 9820587609.

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