Why Hindus Do Bhuumi Pujan

at Ground Breaking Event?

by Suresh Vyas

Bhuumi puujan (Mother Earth Worship) is done on the ground where construction is to begin soon after.  The reasons are these:

  1. Compassion to Life: When ground is dug, many lives (ants, insects, serpents, etc.) living in the ground could get killed, and/or their homes in the ground could get destroyed. This is sin because the Vedic scriptures tell mankind to “live and let others live.” During the bhuumi pujan we request God/Bhagavaan Krishna to forgive us, and make us sin-free.


  1. Loving Relation with the Mother: The Earth (and the whole universe, and there are countless universes) is our mother because whatever we have, or we eat, or use is from the Earth. When we dig the Earth, we feel we are hurting the Mother. So, we pray the Mother to forgive us. Additionally, if the construction is on a large scale, the associated digging could impact the eco-system, and that could hurt many lives on over time. So, we pray to free ourselves from freeing this sin.  No Vedic Dharma practice, when done correctly, disturbs the eco-system, and that is very unique about the Vedic dharma.


  1. Expression of Gratitude Towards God: Your land on which you want to build a structure was there since the beginning of time. Land ownership changes over time, but the land remains where it is. The Vedic dharma says that the land actually is owned by Krishna, and it is His love on us that He gave it to us to live on it for some time, and live her dharma, live sin-free. So, during the bhuumi pujan we thank Krishna and show our gratitude towards Him.


  1. Freeing Ghosts: Some of those humans (live or dead) who lived on the land may have strong attachment to the land and some may be living as ghost on the land. There are evidences that some ghosts cause trouble to people who live in their home. So, we need to free these ghosts from the ghost condition in which they cannot feel peace. Bhuumi puja includes process to do it.


  1. Replace Negative Vibs With Positive: It may be that some times some people did great sins or crimes on the land whose negative vibs remain in the ground.  The bhuumi pujan replaces those vibs with positive vibs.


  1. Seeking Protection: If the land begins to shake or sink, the house could meet destruction or sink in the ground. Therefore, during bhuumi pujan we pray the Earth for her peace so it does not vibrate or become soft under the construction.


Any questions left unanswered my have direct or indirect answer in the articles at below links.



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