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Dear Friends,

Nice article, finally correct appraisal of British rule or ruin of India despite the incessant propaganda patting themselves on their back as if they came to save India when instead they ended up Balkanizing an ancient nation from which they looted endlessly until world’s richest nation became poorest by the time, they granted independence. Please do read or at least browse through Will Durant’s ‘The Case for India’.


Book–Case for India: Will Durant: Books


Mother India is not a balanced book. It sees only negative aspect of India and the Hindus. Durant calls it the unfairest book ever written. Mr. Durant explains in his book that England has bled India year after year to the point of death. Before 1757 (when Britain started occupying India), there were no major famines in India. Since then, during almost 200 years of British rule, millions of people died every year from famine.


(Mother India was the title of a book highly derogatory towards India and Hinduism published in early 20th century by one Katherine Mayo. It was then rightly called, Sanitary Inspector’s report)


Be it in Africa or in India or rest of the world, nothing good can be said about colonialism then or now. India or people of India are not given to sulking, already they came long ways to make country turnaround from abyss which was the situation when independence was granted or more accurately partition and Balkanization was inflicted to keep India down in 1947.


Just as British rule is subjected to proper scrutiny, the similar probe into damages done by giant contributors of composite culture is also warranted, especially at present with news of a Saudi Prince implicated in a terrible murder of a journalist critic making headlines. Because it is similar and even worse brutality was hall mark of dominance of Sultans, Mughals and like over many parts of India, whose rule wrote a ‘most bloody chapter in world history’ again per Will Durant.


The writers, authors like Will Durant, were only few from India side as such. Instead there was one who waxed eloquently about giant contributions of Islam to India which consisted to Biriyani, Qavali and Bhakti movement! And another who went a step further said, Adi Sankaracharya learnt his Advaita philosophy from an Arab Moslem trader in Kerala!


Fortunately, even in this regard, there is awakening among people of India who are not buying such vote bank tainted propaganda.


After all an adage time tested remains valid today, lies have speed, truth has endurance. Hence India is emerging.  Still despite sordid history of British ruin of India, as said before we do not and need not hold any grudges, keep moving on from peak to peak as Rg Veda says, lending a helping hand to the needy anywhere in the world. When we do things right, that is, we follow Dharma in making progress and develop, same Veda says *Indra (इन्द्रदेव) will further help. Another saying is also true, God helps those who help themselves.


Best wishes,

G V Chelvapilla

* Please note when Veda says Indra (इन्द्रदेव), it refers to all pervading, all powerful supreme being, not the Indra of Purana lore, King of Heaven.

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