BJP (and Snatanis) must accept the fact that partition has created two nations; India for Hindus and Pakistan for Muslims.

From: Chandra Segaran Krishnan Nair < >

Saturday June 2018.


BJP has to come to term with the fact that on partition Pakistan was created to satisfy the demand of Ali Jinnah that the Muslims cannot co-habit with Hindus due to cultural differences and wanted a separate country for the Muslims and it was supported by all the Muslims in 1947. Thus, partition took place creating Pakistan for the Muslims and India for the Hindus. Yet the Muslims continue to live in Hindu India which is illegal and unacceptable as such the onus is on the BJP government to terminate their voting rights and other privileges currently they enjoy which are illegal and must be brought to an end and these parasites deported.

I am unable to comprehend how come BJP is oblivious to this fact and has failed to correct it. Is it not the responsibility of BJP to resurrect Hindu Rastra as its first duty, correcting the injustice committed to the Hindus by the Congress and other corrupt political parties? In fact, Muslim political parties should have ceased to exist in India the moment Muslims successfully got what they demanded a new Islamic nation Pakistan in 1947

Thus, the issue of Muslim vote bank would not have ever arisen and had become a non-issue for younger generations to face it.


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