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Subject: This is what awaits the returning French Muslim Jihadist from their sojourn in Syria with ISIS


France knows exactly what to do with returning Muslim jihadis who left France to fight with ISIS in Syria×187.jpeg“Kill them abroad!”


Then you won’t have to worry about what will happen when these trained Muslim killers return to France from the battlefield. French Muslim nationals allegedly are targeted by Iraqi troops after identification from French special forces to ensure they ‘don’t return home.’


Independent France is allegedly providing crucial intelligence information to Iraqi ground forces fighting ISIS in order to target and exterminate French nationals who have joined the jihadist organization, it has emerged.×400.jpeg


An investigation by the Wall Street Journal found that French special forces have allegedly enlisted the help of Iraqi units to ensure that French nationals fighting in the country do not escape to pose a terror threat on their return home.


Photographs, alibis and location coordinates gathered from surveillance drones and radio interception intel have been provided to assist in the hunt, the WSJ reported.



Neither French nor Iraqi sources disclosed how many French citizens have been killed in the operation but said that up to 30 men had been identified as senior, ‘high-value’ targets.


Hundreds of the 1,700 French nationals believed to have joined the so-called caliphate since the group rose to prominence in 2014 are thought to have been killed in fighting to date.


France is believed to be the only Western country actively hunting its citizens in Iraq and Syria – a situation acknowledged by experts as unchartered legal territory. (Sounds like a plan!)


France has been one of the country’s worst affected by Isis violence outside of the group’s territory in Syria and Iraq. A total of 236 people has died in recent attacks on French soil, including the November 2015 attacks in Paris, and July 2016 truck-ramming in Nice.


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