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Invaded Islam did to Hindus what Koran tells them to


THANKS for this vital information to dispel the myth that Islam is a religion of peace.


A man suffering from cancer will gather ALL the information about the killer disease and warn the rest of the world “from his roof top” to be safe.


In South Asia the SCOURGE of savage Islam arrived from the desert of Arabia and immediately showed their true colors as early as 712 AD.


Yet, unlike the cancer patient, we have FAILED to eradicate the poisonous cells and even warn the rest of the world about this lethal “disease”.


May be, by raising the awareness of mankind about Islam, we could have saved TENS OF MILLIONS of our own fellow Hindus at home as well as the innocent Yazidis abroad!






[1] Guru Teg Bahadurji was tortured and beheaded on the orders of Muslim Emperor Aurangzeb in Chandani Chowk, Delhi in 1675, at the age of 54 years because  he refused to accept Islam.


[2]  Gurujee ‘s  three collegues Bhai Matdas was sawed through his body, Bhai Dayala was thrown in boiling water, and Bhai Sati Das was thrown in boiling oil and Guru Tegbahadur himself was kept in a cage to watch while they were tortured and killed but they all refused to accept Islam.


[3]Guru Govind Singh jee was stabbed by Jamshed Khan who was hired by Wazir Khan. After a few days Guru jee died.


[4] Emperor Akbar beheaded 72 years old father of Prince Hemu because he refused to accept Islam.


[5] Emperor Aurangzeb, who put burning iron bars into the eyes of Sambhajee and then burnt his whole body with hot iron rods  and killed him because he refused to convert to Islam.


[6] Wazir Khan who cut up Banda Bairagi, limb by limb, and also beheaded 700 of his companions FAILED to convert any to Islam. Such was the beastly intolerance and savagery of the followers of Mohammed in Hindusthan.


[7] Governor Wazir Khan had wall erected around the two minor sons of Guru Govind Singh ji, Fateh Singh and Zorawar Singh, aged 7 and 5 years respectively, to suffocate them to death because they refused to accept Islam.


[8] Khwaza Nijamuddin Chisti of Ajmer asked Queen Sanyogita to become Muslim but she refused. She was stripped NAKED and then thrown before the Mughal (Mohammedan) soldiers to be gang raped.


[9] Sikander Lodhi destroyed  Jwalamukhi Durga  Temple (mandir) at Nagarkot and broke  the statue into pieces and distributed these among the Muslim butchers to use them for weighing mutton and beef.


[ 10] Babar destroyed the holiest Temple, Sri Raam mandir in Ayoddya, and killed lacs of Hindus in the town.


[ 11] Shahjehan used to rape a Hindu girl every day while another lecherous Emperor, AKBAR, had to be provided with a virgin Rajput princess every other month to satisfy his lust.


[ 12] Tipu Sultan killed over one hundred thousand Hindus in a day mainly Brahmins, and he repeated this several times during his brutal reign.


(NB: Terror of Mohammed is so DEEP in the Hindu psyche that during Republic Day Parade on 26 January last, the Hindu organizers made a special complimentary mention of the brutal “HINDU KILLER” TIPU Sultan in order to “impress” the Guest of Honor, the President of France!!


Question: WHAT WOULD HE HAVE THOUGHT OF HINDU MANHOOD if Tipu, the staunch and bigoted MUSLIM, was shown approvingly in a favorite light as the nation’s military idol? Clearly we DISHONOURED ourselves before the world.)




[13] Allaudin Khijee attacked the Rajputs in order to capture their Rani (Queen) Padmini but Padmini along with 14,000 women jumped into fire (SELF IMMOLATION) before he could capture her and the others. This way she and her female companions saved themselves from the clutches of the followers of Mohammed of Desert who were bent upon capturing and raping them. (This is what the followers of Mohammed are doing right now to the YAZIDI females in Syria, in 21st Century AD, with the world watching!)


[14] Hakikat Rai aged 12 years was beheaded in Lahore in 1735 because he refused to accept Islam. His parents and his 10-year old wife Lakshami appealed for pardon but Governor Zakarya Khan refused. (NOT TO FORGET THAT HAKIKAT RAI WAS ON HIS OWN TERRITORY WHILE THE MOHAMMEDAN WAS THE RAIDER, THE INVADER, THE ALIEN AND THE BUTCHER!)


[15] Muslim invaders and rulers have destroyed more than sixty thousand Hindu Temples, places of worships, centers of arts and excellence, and libraries in Hindusthan. Even today they are doing the same devilish deeds as in Dark Ages. The current migrants in Europe will do what their leaders will tell them to do soon after establishing themselves. The European leaders have failed to understand the dangers that lie ahead.


SHAME ON YOU, PRESIDENT OF “PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE”, IF AFTER READING THE ABOVE, YOU ARE STILL ASHAMED OF YOUR HINDU IDENTITY & ANCESTRY (MOTHER), AND CALL YOURSELF “SECULAR”! You should have cried out for a new Constitution of Bharat and the abolition of Article 370 in the current one on the day you took up your high office!







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