Insanity of Hindus or the Gov’t in Hindustan


Why so much benefits to the followers of an anti-Vedic, anti-democracy, forcibly invaded Islam?

Dr. Jagan Kaul < > writes:


It is a billion dollar question you have asked Shri Singh. I hope and pray that Ms. Irani, the equally dynamic Education Minister of India, gets the point and takes appropriate action to safe guard the communal harmony and peace in India by critically investigating the content and quality of the syllabus used by Muslim Madrasas through OUT the country. Such examination should and must be considered to be an integral COMPONENT of India’s national security.


Regrettably the previous Indian regimes have quietly and systematically established a system under which Islam receives the greatest patronage in India which supersedes all the Islamic states and bogusly titled Islamic republics in the world – and India is neither a Muslim country nor Muslim majority state.


This anti-secular, anti-Hindu and outright discriminatory policy of India which unjustifiably favor Islam upon all the other religions must be abolished forthwith. Indians are no more slaves of Muslims and constitutionally all Indians have equal rights then where does the legal and constitutional authority for giving them special treatment and privileges above and beyond the body of Indian laws come from? Here are a few of the examples of this discrimination:


  1. a) Many of the Indian mosques have established Madrasas which are partially and/or fully subsidized by the state (read Hindu taxpayers);


  1. b) The administrative and teaching staff of these Madrasas receives salaries (partially or fully) from the state exchequers;


  1. c) Muslims get funding from the states for building, repairing and/or renovating mosques and Madrasas;


  1. d) Muslim students get scholarships, admissions, accommodations and many more such advantages on quota basis even by denying such relief to more qualified students from other religions;


  1. e) Religious staff in Indian Mosques get salaries and allied facilities from the state;


  1. f) No other country in the world, Muslim or non-Muslim, subsidizes the Annual Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia but India, a Hindu majority country does. To make sure that the remnants of India’s former oppressors and tormentors do not face any difficulties or trouble in travels India arranges special air

flights, terminals, accommodations, communication and health services for the Hajj pilgrims. From the looks of it one can deduce that War Lord Mohammad gets more recognition and respect in India

than Shiva, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Guru Nanak, Guru Gobind, Guru Tegh Bahadur, Mahaveer and other non-Muslim Gods and Goddesses – so much for Indian secularism.


  1. g) In Govt. high cadre jobs (IAS, IPS, IFS) and other Govt. Departments Muslims enjoy quotas and minority benefits even after nearly seven decades of India’s independence.


  1. h) The same system is followed in Indian electoral system, Govt. contracts and other fields of activities;


  1. i) India provides, scholarships, jobs, and other kinds of relief when Hindu girls embrace Islamic fold;


  1. j) So much so India provides special security and protection to Kashmiri Muslim terrorists and separatists who in turn encourage their followers to remove all traces of Kashmir’s Hindu past. In this regard recently a brave Indian Parliamentarian demanded to know from the Govt. where and how about 100 Hindu Temples have disappeared in Kashmir during the past two years. It may be recalled that J&K is currently ruled by a BJP-PDP separatist coalition Govt.


  1. k) Needless to re-state that Hindu temples are being robbed by the Govt. of their offerings made by the devotees while in the only Muslim majority state of Kashmir Hindus have to pay Jaziya for going on pilgrimage to their temples in the state.


This is only a partial list of advantages enjoyed by the Muslims in India.

Best wishes


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