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Brilliant letter by Mr. Ramakant to Sonia Gandhi on Intolerant issue! Tight slap to these Italian Bar dancer …….


My Dear Sonia G,


I decided to say ‘Namaste’ because I am not aware of its Italian version. Also, I did not wish to rub sensitivity of the Italian Ambassador by calling on phone requesting for its Italian version as he is yet to entirely recover from the embarrassment suffered, caused by the Supreme Court order of ‘Embassy-Arrest’ for several weeks in the matter of two killer Italian marines for whom (Un)holy Italian Fathers came from Italy to unsuccessfully negotiate their release with victim’s families. Should you condescend to reply to me, kindly do not forget to greet me in your Italian style!

You hitched and hinged faculty of my wild imagination running riots when you reminded the country and declared Dr. Ambedker a Congressman! Well, when did BJP say, he was not? And bitterly complained on the floor of Lok Sabha, principles of Constitution are under attack, that BJP have been claiming legacies of Congress stalwarts of yesteryears! I hope and wish, you really meant Indian Constitution and not the Italian one even as Prime Minister Modi heard your fulminations sporting a mischievous smile which you failed to notice at that historic moment of reckoning.

Madam Sonia G, neither you or nor your gang of dubious leaders contributed to the formulation of Indian Constitution. Freedom movement attracted best and patriotic brains of the country and they laid down foundation of this Republic. Quite surprisingly, they marvelously succeeded in spite of the no role / destructive role played by Nehru whose dubious legacy has been taught to the country for six decades like workers in Mao’s China used to relax post-lunch during lunch-breaks in factories by reading Mao’s Lal Kitab! What was precisely the contribution of Nehru to Freedom Movement that proved crucial, critical or turning point in its course? Any such contribution of Motilal Nehru? Or that of Swarup Rani Nehru? Or for that matter, of Kamla Nehru? These two ladies have hospitals named after them in Allahabad…just for the heck of it.

Coming back to the point left, that very Congress existed ONLY till 1969. Congress ceased to exist in 1969 itself. Over the issue of tyrannical autocracy of Indira Gandhi, Congress split and the real Congress was the faction headed by S. Nijlingappa. Indira Gandhi was left with the remains, all filth and dirt of so many years, in the form of a regional outfit which became national twice for five years each, post 1971 / 1985 elections in which she hoodwinked the country by sloganeering ‘Garibi Hatao’ before stabbing in the back by imposing Emergency while Rajiv Gandhi, with his so-called ‘corruption free’ (for Bofor’s King) youthful charm, respectively. The most venomous and vindictive Prime Minister Indira Gandhi went on destroying every Constitutional institution personally with her own hands. Constitutional destruction and corruption (she justified that by calling corruption a global phenomenon) that she pushed the country into, we are yet to recover from all that morass.

So what BJP have been doing is that pre-1969 real Congress stalwarts, ignored and insulted by Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty, are being awarded their due, restored to the glory that they deserved, by announcing loudly that they were the Congressmen who did so much for the country…BJP are NOT claiming that they were BJP leaders! Irrespective of Party, they are only being accorded the honor that they deserved, should have been conferred upon them long ago yet that was not to be. If today, in spite of being heavily occupied with the responsibility of projecting Pappu Gandhi as next savior of the nation after Jesus (you never declared your religion to the country, by the way), you have been compelled to declare Dr. Ambedker a Congressman, credit goes to BJP only and BJP alone! If today, Sardar Patel is rising beyond the Statue of Liberty on Gujarat coast, who was very much a Congressman (albeit a patriotic variety !), entire credit for that goes to PM Modi / BJP without even a trace of hint that Sardar Patel was a BJP leader! In spite of his being anti-RSS! Such is the grace of BJP. Kindly accept that with or without a pinch of salt.

Now let us examine the issue of contribution of RSS / BJP to Freedom Movement. Sonia G, if RSS had not been there, entire country would have been Islamic today (which most probably Congress wish to) and you would have been Sonia Begum in Burqa / Hizab instead of Sonia G, puking venom against the nation. May be then you would not have married Rajiv Gandhi turned Rahamatulla Khan at all!

If RSS had come into existence 15 / 20 years earlier, country would not have undergone partition and the fierce blood-bath that followed, brought about by Nehru by signing Transfer of Power Agreement with the last Viceroy with whose wife he had a ‘beautiful relationship’, in the words of his sister, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit. And BJP then existed within RSS. So Madam, contribution of RSS / BJP to Freedom Movement had been monumental as they provided trained / enlightened freedom fighters / foot-soldiers in very large numbers to the leaders of Congress during those days. I am not elaborating beyond this point as your pea-sized brain is incapable of grasping realities of those historic days as you had been an Italian kid, then.

It was proved conspicuously in 1947 when RSS Chief Guru Golwalker brought about Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir to merge his Kingdom into India. It was proved in 1962 when Nehru was forced to request RSS to help and support Indian Army at the borders, fighting without arms, clothes and food. Indian soldiers were mercilessly tortured and slaughtered by the Chinese, that too, courtesy Nehru. He then invited RSS to participate in Republic Day Parade too.

It was proved again in 1965 when RSS members joined hands with the Army to defend the nation. It was proved again in 1977 when JP succeeded in throwing out Indira Gandhi from power after Emergency, actively supported by RSS. It was proved yet again when in 2014, your Govt. headed by a spineless / worthless troll was dumped and BJP romped home to power with absolute majority after a gap of 30 years.

Even today, RSS have been functioning as freedom fighters in addition to being the largest and best socio-national organization in the world, fighting for freedom from criminal ideologies like Communism / Maoism / Naxalism (all gifted by your Party to the nation) and criminalized / anti-national parties like yours / Lalloo Yadav’s etc. When it comes to nationalism / patriotism, RSS are unrivalled.

Security forces defend external borders of the nation while RSS defend internal borders, much more difficult to task. When Christian girls are hounded and persecuted by Love-Jihadis, it is Vishva Hindu Parishad who rush to their rescue and restore them to their families safe and secured.

Madam Sonia G, most of the RSS members in Kerala are crippled / disabled permanently in their fight against Communism / Islamism and the battle goes on. By the way, how many times and how much Nehru was tortured by the colonial regime before freedom was attained?

Last but not the least, a few words on subversion of the Constitution by BJP. Was it BJP that subverted the Constitution by destroying Supreme Court judgement in Shah Bano case, a blatant anti-national act?

Is it BJP that brought about 100 Constitution amendments with almost 75 of them bogus and flimsy?

Was Emergency / Press Censorship imposed and Constitution / fundamental right to life and liberty subverted by NDA / Prime Minister Vajpayee? Under whose rule, a tainted Babu was appointed CAG just because he was in your good books and Supreme Court registered a tight slap on your face by sacking him outright?

Who delivered GOOD BYE speech over AIR in 1962 to Assamese / NE citizens?

Who incited brutal murder of Prime Minister LB Shastri?

Under whose rule, concepts of Committed Judiciary / Committed Bureaucracy were raised and nurtured?

Under whose rule, dead bodies of IPKF soldiers rained from sky in Sri Lanka? …the list is so long indeed.

Are you blatantly ignorant or outright simpleton? Or downright shameless because that may not be the Italian samskaar? How could you ignore all these black deeds / dark histories before accusing BJP of subversion of Constitution? Why are you worried about Indian Constitution, after all?

Intolerance! An Italian woman standing on the floor of Lok Sabha, accusing a Prime Minister of intolerance who happens to be a world statesman and the Prime Minister being so courteous to you instead of ensuring the place you deserve! As mentally bankrupt are you as your son!

With best regards,

Ramakant Tiwari


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