(Note – Below article, and many Hindus and non Christians, uses the word Xian to mean Christian. It is just a short hand word, and not a mean or derogatory or hate filled word. – Skanda987)

From: Kalavai Venkat < >

Dear D. E.,

You wrote:

“Jesus said, “Judge not and you shall not be judged” … I only try to
speak up on streets whenever a low caste person is being treated badly
based on the teachings of Manusmriti …  Jesus Christ who treated
everyone equally.”

KV: On the one hand you quote a biblical verse against judging whereas
on the other you are judgmental about the Manusmṛti thereby proving
that Jesus’ advice is unfit to be followed. However, you have imitated
Jesus in inventing lies while judging the Manusmṛti which does not
advocate jāti-based untouchability. The emergence of untouchable jātis
is the direct result of Islamic and Christian colonizing of India. In
the pre-colonial India, as my forthcoming book demonstrates, the
ancestors of today’s Dalits enjoyed a place of pride in Hindu society
and wrote many of our celebrated scriptures. Many of our celebrated
royal dynasties were of the ancestors of today’s Dalits.

(Dalit class is a fabricated class by the anti-Vedics with a mean political agenda. Dalit means oppressed. Opperssion is adharma. So, the Vedic society needs to give up adharma and live per dharma correctly. No one want to be or remain oppressed. So, only the dirty anti-Vedic politics that keeps “Dalit” class concept need to be eliminated. – Skanda987)

You are deploying a well-known Christian tactic. Anytime somebody
factually criticizes Christianity, deflect attention by abusing
Hinduism so that the topic is derailed. Many Hindus fall for that but
I am not letting you get away with it. Let me turn the heat on Jesus.

Jesus was an unscrupulous liar. He claimed (Matthew 5:43-44):

 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your
enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who
persecute you.”

Jesus is referring to Leviticus 19:18, which actually says:

“Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your
people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.”

It does not say anywhere “Hate your enemy.” If taken literally, it
means that Jesus fabricated this claim and falsely attributed it to
the Jews. In doing so, he has also violated the Ninth Commandment that
forbids bearing false testimony. You have proven that you are no
better than Jesus.

“Judge not and you shall not be judged” (Matthew 7:1-2) is a very
unethical teaching (every Christian teaching is unethical). It is just
a plea bargain: ‘I will not question your wrong-doings, you do not
question mine.’ In other words, if one were to follow Jesus’ advice,
one should not judge the rapists who raped the innocent 23 year old
lady and killed her in New Delhi recently. One should not judge
charlatans and criminals like the Hitler Youth Ratzinger or Mother
Teresa. One should not judge the pedophile Christian priests. Sorry,
we are civilized and we repudiate the unethical teachings of Jesus.

Jesus was not merely a liar whose teachings were unethical. In my
forthcoming book, “What Every Hindu Should Know About Christianity,”
to be released in May 2013, I demonstrate that what Jesus’ teachings
are far worse. Stay tuned.

Jesus did not treat anyone equally. He was a thorough racist. He
called non-Jews dogs and swine (Mark 7:24-30 and other verses). He
promises to empower his Jewish-only followers to violently subjugate
the non-Jews. Jesus was not merely an unedifying character as Sitaram
Goel stated. Jesus was worse: he makes Muhammad, Hitler, Stalin and
Osama bin Laden pale in comparison. In particular, nobody should
tolerate Jesus’ violent threats directed at innocent children. Jesus’
teachings constitute a crime against children of all of humanity.

Your ancestors converted to Christianity either because they were
forced by the likes of ‘Saint’ Xavier that ushered in the Inquisition
or because they yielded to the temptation of money. Had they read the
logia of Jesus, they would have realized that he equated them with
dogs and swine. Since you are a frocked priest you can tell us whether
you consider yourself a dog or a swine (read Mark 7 again). However,
you can choose to be reasonable and ethical, repudiate Jesus, and
embrace dharma (atheism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, pagan praxis,
etc.). Jesus could not be rehabilitated but you have a chance to
rehabilitate yourself.



From: vavamenon < >

I’m ready to convert to X’ianity and help convert  hundreds of thousands (to become a saint) if someone explained logically to me as to how the next generation of Kane & Abel (sons of Adam & Eve – the only direct creation god had done) came into being.
Don’t hypothesize, please…., I’ve had funny theories from my X’ian & Muslim friends…
Let’s start from genesis, the creation story, the beginning of bible….
Mr. V, I would like to know what the book’s name you have given is. I read Mr. Thomas Paine’s book named AGE OF REASON written by him in 1793-94 in Paris, because he had to run away from America for fear of his assassination by believers, as he had proven in his book after a comparative study of the four Bibles (Mark, Mathew, Thomas & Luke) that about 135,000 amendments had been made in ‘Word Of God’ books till 1793, over and above different accounts of same events in these 4 books.
In Kerala, Chattampi Swamikal wrote a similar book, “Christhu matha chedanam” (Refuting Claims of Christianity) in the early last century.


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