From:  Thirumala Raya Halemane < >

Dear …,

With all the new information that has come out after her (Mother Teresa’s) death, there is no doubt anymore, that she was being “used” in some strategic way by the Christianity establishment and the western power structure (with its hidden parts which operated and operate within India and elsewhere) in their evil agenda against India, against dharma, against Hindus, against Brahmins.

She was a tool of the west used against the Indian Sanatana dharma Hindu civilization to perpetuate the image that India, Bengal, Calcutta were wretched places, that western Christianity was needed to save them, that Hinduism is a bad religion, that Indians are stupid slavish people etc.

So, she was a tool used in the manufacturing and solidification of that distorted image, perceptions to portray the west and Christianity as far superior and Hinduism and India as far inferior. Operationally, i think, there was a lot more to it, perhaps with hidden specific, targeted objectives of manipulative and influencing nature especially in Bengal and Bangladesh during her lifetime.

She must have been a key player, in secret (and with secret funds), who must have contributed significantly to achieve the sad plight of Bengal during last 50 or 60 years, since she arrived, to achieve and to manage the targeting of Hindus in Bangladesh (also Hindu refugees in the 1970s east Pakistan atrocities perhaps)

So, I think mother Teresa was an anti-Hindu western agent and a tool who has played a significant role in manufacturing and creating the bad conditions in Bengal region, esp. for Hindus, and also with a view to prevent good development there.

In this type of operations, real evil objectives are usually masked, they have to be. We have to try to deduce them in other ways by looking at overall picture, connecting dots etc.

Historically, Bengal was a highly educated and forward in development, area, its people fighting against colonialism. This must have made Bengal a prime target of the British colonial masters since the early 19th century, which has continued even after independence.

The anti-Hindu liberals, leftists, Marxists etc are propped up by England and the west. It is part of the brain-washing of Hindu society and of psychological war against the east (including communist takeover of Russia and china, very likely, British monarchy intelligence had hand in it, i think — they were targeting other monarchies around the world, including in Europe, to fall down in order to establish their supremacy as world empire). 


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