Fight Terrorism – Part 2

The root cause of terrorism is the ideology – Islam. As long as this ideology accepted by some people, there will be Islamic terrorists. Islam is spread by forcible conversions and by the Muslims producing lot children and forcing Islam on them. The Muslim boys then are schooled in Muslims schools – madressas – where they learn to hate the kafirs (the non- Muslims). They are motivated to do jihad in mosques.

So, the kafir countries need to make a law that says no more than one wife is allowed; and no madressas and no mosques allowed. All the children must go to public schools. In these schools, the children need to be taught that no one is a follower of a religion until one studies from 7th grad to high school a few major religions of the world to figure which religion is not good for causing world peace, and which is good for world peace. The religions’ text books need to be made unbiased telling the truth about religions. If this is done, then after high school graduation, a student will know which religion is good or bad for world peace. With this knowledge a student is able to make intelligent decision about following a religion if he/she wants to follow one. If this happens, then I believe that hardly any student will choose to accept Islam.

If people want to buy a car, for example, they do research and compare a few brands and models to figure which car is best for them. Now, accepting a religion is much more serious matter than buying a car. Therefore, people need to be educated to know which is religion is good or bad for world peace. Then, they will choose a religion wisely. This education of religions will make a general opinion in the society that Islam is really bad. This social awareness – social pressure – will make one ashamed to accept Islam, or say, “I am a Muslim.” This way, the Muslims will not be able to impose Islam on their children.

If this idea – education of religions – is implemented in kafir countries, positive result of reduction in the production of terrorists will be seen in 25 years. This is not a long period considering the fact that Islam is always pro-active to take over lands, lives of kafirs, and convert the kafirs to Islam even by force if necessary.  With this program of education, no child born in a kafir country will accept Islam, and there will not be any homegrown terrorists after 40-50 years.

The immigration laws will need to be made such that no Muslim should be allowed to migrate in a kafir country. In part -1 I already have given reasons why the kafir countries need to declare Islam illegal.

Suresh Vyas

Link for “Fight Terrorism Part 3”:


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