Fight Terrorism – Part 1

The terrorism we see is caused by the barbaric ideology called Islam. If Islam is declared illegal, it will help a lot in stopping the spread of Islam-cancer. Here are the reasons why all the kafir (non-Muslim) countries need to declare Islam illegal:

  1. Islam/Koran is strongly against a democratic government. Therefore, any Muslim living in a democratic country is a hypocrite Muslim. He/she needs to quit Islam or quit the kafir country.
  2. When the founding fathers of USA made the constitution, they did not have slightest idea that Islam could be a threat to the freedom, liberty, and the freedom of thought, speech, and action. Now after 9/11 it is known. So, based on this new realization of the truth, the constitution needs to be amended to declare Islam illegal in USA. Because it is not amended yet, the supporters of terrorists and Islamists use the law to protect the terrorists.
  3. Per the law of Islam/Sharia, one is guilty when accused, and the accused has the burden of proving he/she is not guilty. This is opposite to the law in USA where one is not guilty until proven in the court of law. In Saudi Arabia, if you get a car accident at no fault of yours, the law will protect you only if you are a Muslim and not a foreigner. The law does not help at all to a kafir and foreigner.
  4. Islam is not tolerant of any other religion. No country should allow any intolerant religion. Tolerating/allowing intolerant encourages intolerant to be intolerant.
  5. Most Muslim countries have only Islam legal. In Saudi Arabia e.g. you could be punished if you preach Christianity or Buddhism, etc; or worship Jesus or Krishna, etc. even in your own home. Therefore, all the kafir countries need to declare only Islam as illegal.
  6. Per Koran, a Muslim’s alliance is with only Islam/Allah, not his/her country. For Muslims, there is no separation of Church and State. So, when critical time comes, a Muslim will follow Islam/ Mullas/ Sharia, and not the law of a kafir country even if he/she is a citizen.
  7. Islam mostly spreads in two ways: 1) producing a lot of children by four wives and enforcing Islam on the children, and 2) by invasions and forcible conversions. When Islam gets in power, it destroys other religions’ temples, churches, preachers, schools, and religious sacred books. Koran says that if one quits Islam, he/she must be killed. Democracy runs by the majority vote. If the Muslim population increases, they can take over a government by majority vote; and then they will make the country a Muslim country where only Islam is allowed.

Please unite and declare Islam illegal by grass-root actions.

Link for “Fight Terrorism Part 2”:



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