Fight Terrorism – Part-3

Let many people write a letter like below to their leaders in any field. The leaders could be requested to quite Islam also. When some leaders like Mr. Abdul Kalaam of India or Mr. Obama give up Islam, then many more common Muslims will follow in their footsteps.

–The subject is: How to win over terrorism.

Mr. President,

So far, our efforts to fight terrorism address the symptoms, and not the cause of terrorism. There are non-violent and democratic ways to win over terrorism by focusing on the root cause of the terrorism which is an ideology – Islam.

I am a Vedic (i.e. Hindu) person from Bhaarat (i.e. India) that has been suffering from Islam since 1000 years. I hold a couple of master’s degrees in science and engineering, and also have studied religions. I do not want USA to suffer from Islam like Bhaarat; and therefore I am writing this.

I am also a Vedic preacher. The world needs to know that Vedic is a universal religion that gives all possible processes by which a person and society can advance spiritually. The Vedic dharma teaches to not convert any one by force or enticement. The Vedic greeting is ‘namaste,’ meaning ‘I bow down to the supersoul (God) that is within your as well as within my heart.’ Thus, a follower of the Vedic dharma is color blind. A Vedic does not see skin color, body shape, or race or religion. He/she sees the supersoul within each living being. He sees unity in diversity.

Any ideology or religion that tells its followers to convert the non-believers by any possible ways – including force, or kill those who do not convert – cannot bring world peace. The 1400 years history of Islam is nothing but violence, invasions, forcible conversions, rapes, loots, and slaughters of kafirs, etc.

US constitution treats all religions equally. Thus any barbaric religion or ideology is currently legal in USA. That legal protection makes it difficult to fight/curb any barbaric ideology/religion.

The constitution is man-made. Therefore, we Americans can change it. When the forefathers drafted the US constitution, they did not have slightest idea that Islam could cause grave threat to USA and the world. Now it is clearly known. Therefore, we need to amend the constitution by grass-root democratic process and declare Islam illegal in USA. Most Muslim countries have only the Islam legal. So, USA could have only the Islam illegal. I am willing to help the majority Americans understand this point.

Americans believe in freedom. The Vedic dharma gives maximum freedom, and still it is most scientific. (This is not a place to prove it.) Many Vedic scientists, engineers, doctors, and soldiers are serving USA, and none have killed their own fellow American like this Major Hassan and others did.

According to Bhagavad Gita, The Book of Vedic dharma, some portions of Koran preaches barbarity (adharma – irreligion.) The Gita does not talk about Koran, but it tells what barbarity – adharma – is.

Islam has spread by invasions, force, killing non-believers, and by a lot of producing children like pigs with four wives. In contrast, the Vedic dharma has spread by free will only; and has survived the onslaught of Islam for 1000 years. Per Koran, a woman is like a private property without any rights.

Per the Vedic dharma, one is just an animal when born. A yagnopavit ritual makes one a man. More Vedic teachings make him a human and eventually a highly spiritually advanced person.

So, Mr. President, if one thinks that one is a Muslim because his/her parents were Muslims, then it is not correct understanding.

Just as we buy a car by shopping and intelligent decision, we can and should accept a religion, or not accept any religion, by intelligent decision. So I suggest below program that will purge the Islam out of USA within 25-50 years.

Let no one have a religion at birth. Develop unbiased courses of Islam, Christianity, and the Vedic dharma for school grade 5 to 12. Let the students study there religions objectively, including the respective histories. Then at high school graduation, a student could choose a religion that has highest potential to cause world peace, or not choose any religion. When this happens, no sane person will accept Islam.

Another need is to re-define the meaning of the word “religion.” A new definition could be something like this: “A religion gives a way of living, a paradigm of the world and creation including all the living beings and non living beings, such that any human can advance spiritually when he/she lives per the religion. A religious way of life does not cause pollution and is eco-friendly. No religious practice takes away others freedom to think, speak and act, and earn one’s living per the religion. A religion brings world peace and harmony when more and more people practice it. This peace does not mean absence of wars; it means religion recommends war, when necessary as a last resort, to uphold law and order, and protect the freedom of the people to advance spiritually.”

Mr. President, I am ready and prepared to discuss and elaborate or clarify any point I made in this short letter. I want USA win the war on terrorism, and I deeply believe that we need to address, focus on, the root cause of terrorism to win over it.

When you celebrated dipawali recently you heard this:

Asto maa sat gamaya (May we move from untruth to truth),

Tamaso maa jyotir gamaya (may we move from darkness to light (ignorance to knowledge of the truth))

Mrityor ma amritam gayama (may we move from death to immortality (realize that we are not the body that is perishable but we are the soul divine within the body that is immortal. So we do not fear death.))

Yours, a humble American,

Steve Brown, 11/7/2009

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