To:          Mahashian Di Hatti Ltd.

Consumer Care Cell

9/44 Kirti Nagar,

New Delhi – 110015

Bhaarat (This is fake email.)

From:    Suresh Vyas



Subject:               Your Havan Samagri (Sacred Fragrance) Stinks

Ref.:      Batch # GN-02, Month of Packing: May 2012

Dear Product Quality Control Department Head,

I am a Vedic preacher and priest, thanks to Bhagavan Krishna and my guru.

I bought the referenced packet of 500 gram, a decade or so ago, but opened it yesterday because the Samagri I had (do not know which band it was) got consumed. Everyday at home I do a mini-havan with a teaspoon of Samagri.

When I opened the packet, it gave a stinky smell like stinky fertilizer. Still, I used a teaspoon full in my havan, and it spread the stinky smell in the house. I do the havan in the morning before going to job.

When I returned from the job, and entered the home, I felt the stinky smell of the Samagri.

So, I believe that it was manufactured using stinky fertilizer and camphor or something was mixed with it to suppress the stink. If this was done per your direction, or it was done by your worker, it is sinful.

If you employ Muslims, then probably they did it, like they spit in the foods they serve or cook.

I believe the Veda has prescribed how to prepare or manufacture Samagri, and I do not know at this time where in the Veda the Samagri ingredients are descried, but it is your responsibility to find it out and prepare Samagri accordingly. The Samagri ingredients include sacred plants, seeds, herbs, etc. A havan is not for burning junk or waste. As you know, the Samagri must produce sacred fragrance.

Until I know you improve your product, I am not buying it, and tray another brand.

I pray you prosper by producing best havan Samagri and doing so you serve Dharma and Hindus.

I am going to put this letter on my website

Your past customer,

Suresh Vyas

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