From: Sanveev Kulksrni < >

Why do even our so-called educated people parrot falsehood, half-truth and one-sided stories concocted by the Muslims, British, Leftists and Congress? Why do they peddle blind anti-Brahminism made fashionable by the British/Christian missionaries, Leftist ‘historians’ and vote bank politics by the cattiest political parties? Are we really intellectually capable to evaluate and accept the truth by unbiased study even if contrary to our fond beliefs spoon-fed to us by anti-national forces?

 Please go through the attached video clip of a 15-minute narrative about Indian history, by India’s principal Economic advisor, one of the most brilliant economists of India, Sanjiv Sanyal. Every second of his speech would make you proud of our history., unlike what we have been taught wrongly by colonial historians.



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