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It is a willful negligence of Delhi Police

Dear Mr. Amit Shah the honorable Home Minister,

Yes. It is the willful negligence of police of Delhi, on the anarchy created by the so-called or real farmers, or the Khalistani Sikhs, or the communists, or the rest Lutyen gang leaders of “India and Abroad,” or to put them together, whatsoever may be of the gangs/persons involved.

It is a clear-cut case of creating anarchy by the Lutyen gangs where Police Officers were a party to it, to allow the Lutyen gangs to create anarchy in Delhi.

We do not know the aim of BJP Gov. behind (for) not being strict on the Lutyen gangs who were determined to create anarchy in Delhi.

The reasons to pass blame on Delhi Police are as under:

  • Police was discussing with the leaders of agitators since several days for hours together, while determined the pre-conditions of the tractor-march.

(2) The inputs, of information, of the involvement of Khalistanis and other Lutyens gangs to create anarchy was well known to the Police officers. In case if they deny, then they are the liars, because even a “below average level person” is able to make out, from the statements of agitators’ leaders, they were going to create anarchy.

(3) The Government had stated on oath that they had received inputs of Khalistanis’ involvement in the agitators.

(4) The 40+ leaders of the agitators were used to make clear statements that;

(4.1) they are determined to agitate for a very long period unless the Farmers Act is withdrawn,

(4.2)) The 40+ leaders of the agitators were used to make clear statements that they have planned to agitate more and more strongly,

(4.3) The 40+ leaders of the agitators were used to make clear statements that they were very strong, and their strength will defeat the Government, and the Government will have to agree to withdraw the Act.

(4.4) The 40+ leaders of the agitators were used to make clear statements that they are firm on their Tractor- March on 26th January.

(4.5) The 40+ leaders of the agitators were used to make clear statements that they are determined to have tractor-march on 26th January only,

(4.6) The 40+ leaders of the agitators were used to make clear statements that there was no involvement of Khalistanis and any political party in their agitation. Actually, they were absolute the liars, as many of their agitators were shouting violent slogans, and these leaders and their followers had used to keep mum on such slogans. None of them had opposed to the persons shouting violent slogans,

(4.7) The way of approach and behavior of these 40+ leaders of the agitators were known to the Delhi Police officers; that the leaders are not reliable. Despite of this the Delhi-Police officers relied upon their assurance of maintaining peace. The police officers proved their stupidity.

(4.8) The anarchy on 26th January 2021, was not the first anarchy. Such anarchy was being created by Lutyen gangs in one or other forms in the demonstrations against CAA, NRC and NPR at Shaheen Bag, willful violence to spread epidemic Corona, by some Muslim leaders, organizing conference in Mosque Markaz. Some Muslims did chase corona worriers, with an intention to prevent them from doing their duties at various places …

(4.9) The Delhi Police Officers had discussed for many days, on granting of permission for Tractor-march, and they had put forward some conditions. Have they done any videography?

(4.10) While conducting the discussion, were they not capable to read the mind of the agitators’ leaders? If not, then they must be dismissed immediately as they are not fit for the IPS Cadre. The interviewing authority while appointing them should also be taken to task.

(5) What were the instructions given to the Police party?

(5.1) It is given to understand that the Delhi Police had asked the 40+ leaders of the agitators, to provide the tractor registration numbers and the name of the drivers. Had the police constables, police sub-Inspectors and police inspectors were asked to check them at well ahead of entry point of each route?

(5.2) The agitators were not supposed to bring any weapon as per the conditions. Had their tractors been checked for that, well ahead of the entry point of each route?

(5.3) The agitators were not supposed to carry any person other than driver on the tractor. Why was this not checked by the police, at the well ahead of the entry point of each route?

(5.4) The tractor March was not to be commenced before the Government program finishes. But the agitators had broken this condition at every entry point. Why the police on duty did not stop them? They could have punctured the tractors as soon as they executed breach of pre-agreed condition.

(5.5) A tractor driver is noticed in a video that he was driving the tractor in a way to crush the police constables, by way of chase. The police men were running to save their own lives. Why the police inspector could not shoot to the tires of tractor to stop it? The PSI or PI could have fired the driver. Why the Police officers were failed to do so?

(5.6) Police Commissioner Delhi is hailing police all the time that police remain moderate, despite the agitators had not adhered to their promises. Police continuously requesting the violent agitators, urging the violent agitators to stop the violence. Is it the way of maintaining the Law and order? The agitators had been so much violent even on police that police had to run away to save their lives.

(5.7) Despite of knowing the violent agitators the police commissioners hail moderate approach of police. Do police remain moderate with others?  No. Not at all. Recall how the police behaved with the really peaceful agitators in 2012 at mid night in Ramlila Maidan?


(6) The Police Commissioners of Delhi must be dismissed and must be prosecuted for their inefficiency, negligence and lack in intelligence to take enough precautions.

(6.1) It was the matter of common sense that when the agitating leaders used to tell openly that they had well planned the agitation. In such a situation, being a Police Commissioner, he must have done better planning than the agitating leaders.

(6.2) As for the police commissioners, to take such precaution is falling in their duties. For this purpose, only the Commissioners of Police and his subordinates have been appointed and paid salaries.

(6.3) The Police Officers have not learnt from their past failures, in preventing agitators cum antinational elements, creating anarchy.

(6.4) Few days back, Rahul Gandhi had told bluntly, “Take it from me, the farmers act will have to be withdrawn.” He uttered this statement repeatedly. From this statement, it must be clear to the Police Officers, that the details of the planning of creating the anarchy was known to Rahul Gandhi.

(6.5) Why did the police commissioner of Delhi not arrest or interrogate Rahul Gandhi for his above statement?

(6.6) How many arrests have been made or not, is not known till late night on 26th January. FIRs are useless at this moment.

Last but not the least:

Dear Mr. Amit Shah, unless you have allowed to happen this anarchy as a part of a strategy, the people of India will take you, as a failed Home Minister. People otherwise want you to execute mass arrest, and take sever actions against these agitators, their leaders, supporters and the Delhi police officers.

Common man has trust in you, and the common man of India is watching your future actions. The common man expects very eagerly from you that such agitations will not be repeated in India as you will teach the sever lesson to these agitators alias so-called farmers.

With full regards,

Yours truly,

Shirish M. Dave


Comment by Suresh Vyas:

I think that the police knew that the agitators will try hard so that the police could open gun fire.

And the Police thought that opening fire would give bad name to the police and Bhaarat.

Therefore, the police chose to suffer from the acts of the agitators, and, respecting the order, restrained from opening gun fire on the agitators. However, when the world saw the police suffered from the agitators, then the world perhaps looked down on them, as if the gov’t is weak.

However, now the police have all the intelligence needed to catch all the anti-national elements/agitators, they would put all of them in jail for ever, or encounter them. 

If that is not done, then the police or the gov’t would disappoint the citizens, who expect quick and strong action from the police and the gov’t against the enemies of the nation.

jaya sri krishna!

Suresh Vyas

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