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Thank you for the “enlightening” e-mail (below) about the state of the absurd and illogical fundamentalist country called Pakistan that was  surgically taken out of the body of Mother India under the teachings of a “book” written during the lawless times in Arabia more than 14 centuries ago, that is nothing but the “Manual of Hate & Aggression”. Since the contents are BEYOND BELIEF it had to be asserted that “GOD Himself dictated the book to the illiterate Mohammed!” Let’s weep over their intelligence and free thinking!

Events are, therefore, unfolding rapidly towards the disintegration of the country built, like the house, on the foundation of (desert) SAND.

Indian Muslims, misled by the Indian-born Mohammed Ali Jinnah, left the world-acclaimed ancient Indian Civilization in 1947 in order to become slaves of the ARAB CIVILIZATION and did “what comes naturally to Mohammed”, that is, wiped out the Hindu (and Sikh) population mercilessly and savagely. Previously everything British was superior, now everything from Arabia is superior, even the Arabic language, dress and language – camels and culture. Justification for the preposterous & unforgivable High Treason (attacking the land of one’s own birth that is meant to be defended!) is provided by the hatred of Secularism and the Hindus.

First, the Indian Muslims, now turned Pakistani Muslims, eliminated the Hindus and the Sikhs from their occupied land, then the Ahmediyas, and now they are after the blood of the Shia. We see the replica of NAZI Germany, i.e., Pakistan joining the “Club of Destruction and Ruins” where her citizens are looking at the ruined cities with the hungry mouths who are dying or fleeing.

Karachi, among the cleanest cities on earth in the last days of the British Raj, is a heap of stinking rubbish dump today. Kashmir, that attracted thousands of happy tourists every summer, is another victim of Islamic militancy & terrorism.

Lucky Pakistanis have escaped in their millions to CHRISTIAN West though for most starving Bangladeshi escapees Bharat is the only preferred choice where one can walk across the land border unnoticed, day or night. Millions have forsaken the Islamic Republic of Bangladesh where great patriots like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, and thinkers & reformers like Tagore and Vivekanand, and the divine holy books like Gita and Granth, were “no good” for their “jaahil” rulers who gave only poverty, hunger, disease, and squalor to their subjects besides a lot of anti Hindu indoctrination & blind faith in Islam, the import from Arabia & imposition from Abroad.

A relevant comment about Islamic East Pakistan (“Pimp” Jawaharlal Nehru), that became Islamic Bangladesh (helping hand by Nehru’s daughter Mamuna Begum, or Indira Feroze KHAN!). She did something very treacherous following the Ideology of her father to the letter.

NB: Only those Hindus (ALAS, SO FEW!) who genuinely believe in Secularism and love Bharat Mata, will understand the following:-

A country never returns the CAPTURED territory to the ENEMY unless the rulers are fools or traitors. Look at Northern Cyprus. The Turks wouldn’t give it up! Look at Shakhalin Islands. The Russians wouldn’t give them up! Look at Kaliningrad. Look at CRIMEA. Russia wouldn’t give them up! Look at POZNAN. Poland wouldn’t give it up! LOOK AT BRESLAU. (NB:  Up to the beginning of World War II, Breslau was the largest city in Germany east of Berlin.) Poland wouldn’t give up! Only the INDIAN rulers of devious loyalties WOULD GIVE UP PROMPTLY WHAT THE BRAVE “JAWANS” CAPTURED!

We had another camera-shy, self-effacing “sadhu” prime minister, chosen by crafty Nehru to follow him as PM due to his dog’s loyalty to Dynasty. The good man popularized the slogan ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’. Within a year into his tenure Gen Ayub Khan of Pakistan invaded Bharat. Shastri ji got jitters and ordered the troops to withdraw behind River Beas, a move categorically rejected by the senior most General who was planning to capture Lahore!

The unfortunate gentle prime minister, showing Gandhian goodwill towards all, trusted friend and foe alike, including the cooks, preparing his meal in a foreign country! He died by food poisoning in so-called “mysterious” circumstances at Tashkent on 11 January 1966. But by the process of elimination the accusing finger points to All-India Congress Party that had direct interest in replacing Shastriji by Mrs. Indira Feroze Khan! Significantly, he was succeeded by none else but Nehru’s daughter! Hindusthan remained extremely short of leadership material from 1947 till May 2014.

Now back to Bangladesh: It is understood that Shaikh Mujiburrahman, the new leader of East Bengal, who had “tasted Islam and Pakistan” bitterly, expressed his wish to join West Bengal by way of “THANK YOU” for extricating East Bengal from the dark Islamic dungeon. To such a good idea an astonished Mrs. Indira Feroze Khan reacted angrily. “Brother, Secularism is for my Indian serfs and coolies not for the Muslims. What we captured we return to you in order to create a new sovereign ISLAMIC Republic!” Such an anti national scenario can never occur to the Hindus who are permanently demoralized & brain damaged by her draconian Emergency!

Ironically, the Pakistanis refuse to accept that their ancestors were those Hindus who embraced something as alien, restrictive and strangulating as the “Islam from a distant Desert” in order to save their skin while the bravest of the brave preferred torture and death instead of embracing a foreign creed under the threat of beheading on the spot.

This is how the “Muslim majority areas” came about in Punjab, Kashmir and Bengal to ruin these States by bloodshed and PARTITION while Sindh, Balochistan, NWFP, Gilgit and Baltistan were swiftly handed over gratis by our top leaders in order to prove their goodwill towards the enemy.

During the periods of Islamic and British occupation and under NEHRU DYNASTY, the worst that happened to the NATIVES was to be denied the ABILITY TO DEFEND and MAINTAIN their native religions and faiths. None attended to the ruined temples while new mosques were being built everywhere, pulling Bharat towards disintegration.

Partitioned India’s future can only be secure under a new Constitution that recognizes INDIAN CIVILIZATION being distinctly different from the ARAB civilization and makes sure that after the fall of Pakistan through internal disorder, mayhem and bloodshed, Bharat will be ready and willing to promptly take back the territories that were surrendered in 1947 under duress and threat, and recreate “AKHAND BHARAT” of 1947 when we had decent frontiers of our noble Motherland.

And, please, NO cowardly nonsense that “If their numbers increase they will wipe us out!”  Please show guts, courage and above all, PATRIOTISM, to recover OUR OWN LOOTED LAND, and dominate it in a virile and manly manner. And take heart: We have the “AMRIT” that turns the jackals into lions and the sparrows into hawks. And as a last resort, we have the GUNNERS!

In the meantime NO effort ought to be spared from transforming the IGNORANT SHEEPISH pseudo-secular Hindus to become brave like the Americans and the British. What is the meaning of Independence if the Hindus remain serfs & slaves as MK Gandhi would have them! It is time to bring out our WARRIOR “gods” out of locked cupboards and TRANSFORM ourselves into a united Hindu nation since the “enemy has tasted Hindu blood!”


The new Constitution ought to be benign and for the “HINDU RASHTRA. One wonders as to how it is that there is NO revulsion over FIFTY Islamic Republics but even one “Hindu” country (NEPAL) was forced to tow the secular line in order to please the ITALIAN BORN “Rashtramata” of Bharat.

What is the reason for this intolerance of “Hindu Rashtra”? The only reason seems to be to wipe out Hinduism from the “Rest” of India, and keep the Hindus pseudo-secular, neutral, divided, confused and unmotivated, that is, easy to walk over and overwhelm – as in 1947, and enslave them in the near future for ever.

The “Gunners” have to fire the first salvo to lay the foundation of our RE-BORN “Akhand Bharat”, recognizing that Partition was the FIRST stage towards total extermination of the Hindus (and Sikhs) in South Asia. The Clash of Civilizations that started in 712 AD has not had a Treaty of Permanent Peace between Hindus (Kafirs) and the Muslims (Momin) yet. And those who go off guard, or worship Gandhi,  will be EXTINCT in Delhi as in Lahore!


24 Jan 2021

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