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As Received (on WhatsApp)

Dear Supreme court Judges,

  • A party Wins Lok Sabha elections gets 303 seats with massive 46% vote share.
  • Then they Win State after state to state & get majority in Rajya Sabha
  • They Pass a bill in Both House get President’s approval & it becomes law.

Some 20-25 K farmers/agents of one state Punjab sit on Delhi roads for a month, then you stay the LAW.

What a mockery of the democratic process?

Where are our protectors of democracy now? (Where are) those who were screaming that democracy is being murdered not so long ago?

The Supreme Court today said, “We are trying to solve the problem in accordance with the law.”

Hello Sir jee! Your job is not to solve a problem. That would mean you don’t want to annoy any party. You want to please everyone. Sorry! you are not here to please people. You are here to interpret existing law and pronounce a judgment. Your job is to say who is right and who is wrong. That’s all. Nothing more. Nothing less.

But you didn’t do that. What do you do? From this country of 130 crore people, you hand pick four people and ask them to tell you what is their opinion about these laws. And then you would ask the gov’t to implement their opinion. You would ask the gov’t elected by 130 crore people to implement the opinion of four people. The wish of 130 crore people expressed through their representatives in the parliament is insignificant for you.

Dear Supreme Court!

If a committee can decide how this country should be governed, why bother about an Election Commission and why should millions of voters vote? Scrap the Parliament (to save hundreds of crores!) And form various committees of experts, who will tell you how this country should be governed?

Or, you can ask the government that before they introduce a bill in the Parliament, they must first bring it before you, and seek your pre-approval. (I think that also is not right. – Steve Brown) Only after that, you or a committee formed by you have approved it, it can be taken to the Parliament for vote. (Not right because then the ultimate power would be in the four persons. – Steve Brown) That will save time and effort of a lot of people.

But you won’t do that. You want to take over the power of the parliament. But obviously, you don’t want to be seen doing it. (When the environment is full of anti-democratic asuras, the cowards cannot show courage to do right thing.  Same, if the asuras are on the position of the judges. Therefore, the Vedic scriptures tell the people: वयम् राष्ट्रे जगृयाम्॥ – Suresh Vyas)

By the way, yesterday you said that you have received many petitions against the farm laws, but you haven’t received a single petition supporting the law. I would hold it as the most stupid argument ever made by the apex court in its entire history. I mean, what kind of an idiotic argument is this? Let me ask you. The population of this country is 130 crores. We have seen only a few lakhs protesting against the laws at Delhi borders. Even if we take the number of people, we have seen participate in various dharna, pradarshans across the country as 1 crore, there are still 129 crore people in this country who we never saw taking part in these protests. So, can we say that 129 crore people are supporting these laws? Can we? No, we can’t. That will be a silly argument.

Dear Supreme Court! Please don’t allow people to make a mockery of yourself. I hope, you know that the protestors have rejected your verdict even before you have given it.

You know it very well. These (agitating) people don’t believe in courts. Didn’t you hear the same people say at Shaheen Bagh last year that they don’t believe in Supreme Court and they would take over public place to bring the government to its knees? Don’t you remember that? You certainly do. Then why don’t you pass judgments? Why do you dilly dally and let people openly disobey you?

Please do what you are supposed to do. Don’t do things that you are not supposed to do.

Your job is not to solve a problem to everyone’s satisfaction. Your job is to pass judgments, interpret the law, not stay it! So just do that. You have no business forming a committee to approve or reject a legislation passed by the legislative assembly.

Nor are you God!

(The gov’t needs to select only the patriotic persons as judges, then provide sufficient protection to enable them to fearlessly pass judgements on important matters per the constitution. – Suresh Vyas)

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