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Dear Dr Sharma,


Direct Action Day (16 August 1946)


Thank you very much for this rarely mentioned, though vital, piece of recent history.


Some of us were ALIVE with full AWARENESS at that time and can recall the “mini atomic bomb” in the mind of EVERY Mohammedan on earth, conditioned by the “book & hadis”, ready to explode, or to be exploded, anywhere, any time.


In the East Muslims are trying to subvert democracy in the Philippines and Thailand, and in the West in the EU and the USA (Nine Eleven attack!).


We see how difficult it is to argue with a Muslims on ANY logical topic. None has said “Sorry” for the Noakhali massacres nor for the Partition of India and nor even for killing 22 innocent theatre goers in Manchester, U.K. (22 May 2017)!


In the “Direct Action” Box (in the e-mail below) we read, “Against a backdrop of communal tension, the protest triggered massive riots in Calcutta. More than 4,000 people lost their lives and 100,000 residents were left homeless in Calcutta within 72 hours.” Please pause for a moment to recall the utmost brutal MANNER of butchery of each individual!


According to eye witnesses in Kolkata (“Calcutta” then) the Sikhs with their kirpans came out in the open to confront the Muslim mobs. They inflicted such heavy losses on the enemy that they vanished from Kolkata and moved on to the “soft Hindu target” NOAKHALI district, where there were NO Sikh defenders.


In Noakhali the Muslim gangsters and goondahs had free hand to commit barbaric atrocities like murder of men and rape and mutilation of their women’s bodies. They met with NO retaliation or resistance whatsoever by the Hindus.


There is something very beastly in a Muslim’s psyche that the more pain and anguish they inflict on the helpless victims, like chopping up the body LIMB BY LIMB, like throwing the Kafir in boiling water, like gang raping the helpless girls, like selling the females, even auctioning the women (after stripping them naked) in open markets, and like entombing little boys while alive, and so on.


Those who say, “It is history” need to open their eyes and answer, “Is the year 2015 (Yazidi genocide) also history?”


Go and find out what the Mohammedans under the flag of Islamic State did to the YAZIDI community. We ought to “relate” to them as fellow humans. One can safely say that what they did in the PAST (destruction of all temples in India including those at Mathura, Ayodhya and Somnath), and at PRESENT the widespread massacres, rape and mutilation of bodies at Partition in India, and to the YAZIDIS (2015), also points to a very similar FUTURE.


Now let us look at the highest post in Bharat. It is that of the “SUPREME COMMANDER”. Did he hear what we heard on “BHARAT TV” this morning, that in Haryana several villages have been converted to Islam and there is no stir across Hindustan including Rashtrapati Bhawan!


If the Supreme Commander is IGNORANT of the ADVANCE OF ISLAM in his Partitioned India, then God help Bharat Mata, and him, too!  He may not foresee the ultimate calamity, but we do see his BHAWAN on fire tomorrow just as the Governor’s House (Raj Bhawan) in LAHORE yesterday.


We, therefore, submit to the “besieged” Hindu nation (look who is to the right? And look, who is to the left?), that the following e-mail ought to be read once again and consequences drawn.


We should have the courage and freedom to ask just one question, “WHAT ARE THE MUSLIMS DOING IN PARTITIONED INDIA? Who had the authority, or mandate, to issue GENERAL PARDON to them?” In fact, WHO had the authority, or mandate, to sign the unconditional surrender of Lahore and Chittagong in 1947?


Their (Indian Muslims’) legitimacy was, and will be, ONLY in “AKHAND BHARAT” – that is, in the INDIA between Khyber Pass and Chittagong, not in the one that has shifted pathetically to the East of Wagah!



18 Nov 2020

PS: Those who “mutilated” (fragmented) United India (Akhand Bharat), and “bled her to death”, were all born in India, telling the whole world, including the UNO and the Security Council, as to where a Mohammedan’s core loyalty lies! THEY WILL IGNORE THIS AT THEIR PERIL!



See Direct Action Day from wiki.

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