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The alleged author of ethics and morality, the Christian god somehow fails to stop his chosen people from engaging in depravity. Most of what Christianity condemns as evil is what most Christian godmen of this century are caught doing. It seems like the holy spirit who is charged with the duty of admonishing Christ-followers is on a prolonged hiatus. The result is that new scandals come to fore more frequently than ever. The one size fits all explanation that Christianity has been offering to the problems of this world, does not work anymore. In light of the secrets pouring out of the dark attics of Christian leaders, Christianity will have to re-evaluate its explanation as to why it must be followed, or must give up respectfully. In this video, Tim Sledge, the ex-evangelical talks of the changing demographics of the American landscape, what life is like for the western community that quits Christianity, the emotional trauma one faces in the absence of the church and other things.


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