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Christianity boasts that being a Christian is to be in a personal relationship with Jesus. And all of Christian life is a honeymoon period where Jesus is the bridegroom and the believer together with the believing community is the bride. So, when a Christian leaves the faith it’s like a wife divorcing her husband while their marriage is still in the honeymoon period. Now, that requires more than just a few problems with the family of the husband. It requires some unresolvable problems with the husband, himself. Tim is accused even today of quitting his faith of 40 years because of a few problems with the church. There wouldn’t be another ridiculous explanation to why a once committed bride of Jesus would divorce her loving bridegroom. In this video, Tim goes into great detail about the different reactions – mostly cold – that he encountered from his fellow Christians upon his disillusionment. Watch as he reveals emotionally, that it came as no surprise at all, that they chose to say goodbye to him after knowing of his current stance.

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