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“When a lay Christian quits Christianity, personal reasons are shown to be the only reason. And when an acclaimed pastor rejects the dogma it is said that he had issues with the church he was serving. The reasons could be anything but not doctrinal. There is no way that Christians can accept that there could be anything wrong with the doctrines because of which critically thinking Christians leave it when their reasoning takes them over. Tim Sledge was a career pastor with a PhD in pastoral care. He was an acclaimed preacher and a Christian literature writer whose books are still used in church ministry. Forty years of preaching, pastoring and teaching later, Tim got disillusioned both by the doctrines and the way Christianity is practiced today. In this video he answers questions as to how a career spanning 40 long years in ministering for the so-called kingdom of god ended in rejecting the belief in the existence of such a god whose kingdom he thought he was serving.”


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