From: Dr, Madhukar Ambedkar < >

The mindset of an Individual always finds faults with the Civilization that existed beyond his/her own faith that came in to existence.

In 1555-56 four of Christian Reformist in England were Burnt Alive for translating ‘Latin Bible’ in to English as “Blasphemy Law” by Pope. John Wycliffe who was part of this died of natural causes later. His case was pending with Pope. After 40+ years of his death the Church Verdict came to burn him under the same law. His bones were exhumed and were burnt.
Slavery and exploitation of resources of Black nations continued until Apartheid system was dismantled.
Yes, majority of the learned people fought against British Rule.
Education makes one realize right from wrong.
If one has not read “Beautiful Tree,” and “War of Independence,” one will not understand what foreign domination and exploitation and loot was.
Brahmans did not kill people like black slaves who were “Branded with hot iron and killed.” Read “Roots” by Alex Haley.
It is easy to find faults of Brahmanas, Sanghi’s and rest, but what Christianity did to Humanity is unknown to most of the Converted Christians of 2nd generations and onward across the world.

Dr Ambekar

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