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PM Modi’s skill in sailing India have been extraordinary for the good citizen of India. As far as I am concerned, there is no other leader of any party, including BJP who did dare to make so many unprecedented decisions and act on it. However, just think over why majority of Hindus in India are living in deep doubts about their land transforming steadily towards Hindustan/ Bharat? Only two best options available to Modi and he must use as mandate in order to assure his largest base:
1 Discontinue Polygamy and Two Children (girl or boy) per family as soon as possible to bring equality within law and as law of the land.
2.Discontinue Reservation based upon Caste & Creed, allow 10 years reservation (limited time) ONLY based upon Total Family income assessed.
I hope you will find time to listen carefully, each & every word spoken into video attached above, try to figure it out and share your views soon.
Dr. Kumar Arun
July 5, 2020

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