One thought on “Extimony of an Ex-Christian | Dr. Anush Solomon Joy in conversation with Esther Dhanraj

  1. Hellow Vyasji,
    I wanted email id of Dr Anush Solomon Joy and I got this message. Can you provide me with it? I want to send him a write-up on certain correlations carried out by me in the light shed by Taratam Vani, TV in brief. TV manifested in 17th century India via one known by his title as Mahamati Prananath [1618-94] between Hinduism and certain Bible verses.

    Alternately may I have your email id? That write-up may interest you too. As for me, I am K. C. Vyas, 84, a retired engineer, a resident of Delhi. I am a spiritual aspirant, deeply and as suggested in my write-up, mankind is at present located in a period that is one side of spiritual darkness and on the other a hope of unprecedented spiritual awareness. It will last till 29th century.

    Such a period was termed in scriptures as change-over from Kaliyuga to next Satya-yuga and also end times in Bible. I wish to send the write-up by way of an attachment to you and Dr Anush if I may.

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