From: Shirish Dave < >

Dear Mayor Sadiq Khan,

If you are Mr. Sadiq Khan, and if you have termed MK Gandhi who died in Jan, 1948 a racist, and if you think you are logical in your conclusion, then kindly first define according to your logic, as to what do you mean by Racist, and then give some details based on which you have concluded MK Gandhi as a racist.

You must know that you have to prove that MK Gandhi had died as a racist. You cannot take him as a racist when he was walking with perambulator. MK Gandhi had committed his all mistakes by 1933. Based on one of mistakes if you are declaring him a racist, then you are proving yourself not only prejudicial and Radical Muslim. but a supporter of Islamic Terrorist also.

Please also indicate your purpose of terming MK Gandhi a racist.

(Gandhi was killed because he was pro-minority (i.e. Muslims), and anti-Hindi (anti-majority). – Suresh Vyas)

I feel you have given your contribution towards degradation of not only Muslim world, but also towards degradation of UK, by terming MK Gandhi a racist.


Yours truly,

Shirish M. Dave

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