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Leena Mehendale ji,
Thank you for the outpouring of your received wisdom. You write:
“Going by population fig. France has highest Muslim population — 7 in 63 million, Germany  5 in 83 million and UK 3 in 65 million. I don’t see them as alarming at any rate.
I suppose the RAPID RATE of MUSLIM increase does not appear in your reckoning. You seem to have ignored the chilling cry below where a deputy political editor of a mass circulation daily in the United Kingdom is warning in these words:

By Steven Swinford, Deputy Political Editor.
Does it say anything to you?
In our dear Bharat it was the same attitude in 1700 AD when a Hindu scholar said, “They are only .01 percent. Where is the danger from Islam?” His was CONVINCING logic and everyone kept quiet until……………….
…………….until 1947 when their NUMBERS had reached more than 50 per cent in five provinces of India and the blood of Hindus flowed freely through the rivers turning the water RED. You should have heard the anguished shrieks of the thousands of abducted Hindu/Sikh girls being brutally raped and savaged by the followers of Mohammed when millions were FLEEING in all directions for safety. 
The ALARM BELLS rang on March 23, 1940, when Mr Jinnah declared, “Now we are NUMERICALLY in a position to put our foot on Gandhi’s head and demand PARTITION!”
In the event he did not have to put even a finger on Gandhi’s head who foresaw the mass slaughter of the Hindus as if Ahmed Shah Abdali had struck “Lady Bharat” again. Demand for PARTITION was approved instantly, and NEHRU even sent a congratulatory TELEGRAM to Mr Jinnah when he (JINN) became the Governor General of the new Islamic State of PAKISTAN created within the borders of India.
Leena ji, today we have clear HINDSIGHT about the Muslims and by the Grace of God also the FORESIGHT to see the plight of Hindus in LAHORE repeated in DELHI in a few decades’ time.
You and I will not be there but we can safeguard the lives of our grandsons and the dignity of our granddaughters right now!
Please do come back if you have nothing to do with the two million Hindus who perished at Partition, and if you do not “relate” to the (Hindu) Lahore and the (Buddhist) Chittagong, and if you see NO difference to the SECURITY of Bharat whether the frontier is at KHYBER PASS or at WAGAH / ATARI!

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