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RE: TWO SADHUS MURDERED IN Buland Shahar, UP after three were lynched in Maharashtra.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Special personal attention to Dear Sri Modi and Sri Yogi,


This is probably the most serious issue that even peaceful Saadhus are beaten to death inside the temple and the wicked news media still playing games. 

It has much higher conspiracy and without your personal involvement, like Bhagwan Sri Ram used to visit the town in the guise to a common person, the investigation will be closed by a simple reason that the murderer was under the influence of the drug. 

Please read inside over 450 India’s top scientists and Technologists have been mysteriously murdered and no clue except police has shown in all murdered cases either suicidal or accident when the truth is that they all were murdered under the Covert Operations. 

So who paid a large sum of monies for hush-hush to immoral feeling less investigators (DESH DROHIES?) 

A country cannot run smoothly if the law is not doing an honest investigation but has made a profitable underhand business out of it. 

Millions of people are looking for jobs, why not clean up the entire TERMITED system and hire the honest patriots who can live within the salaries, rather always spreading hands? 

After living in the USA for more than a half Century, yet we have not come across any corrupt official. 

Why corruption still continues when Modi Ji had promised to stop it on his election agenda? 

How long Hindus will continue to be promised falsely when the leaders must go like a wildfire to catch culprits? 

Hindus expect now the answer by your righteous action in the investigation of murders of Sadhus in the temple compound. 

Atomic energy Dr. Bhabha and great India’s Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri were killed by the covert operations and it is now the open fact, admitted by those committed the heinous crimes on the greatest assets of Ma-Bharti. 

It is time that good meaningful leaders must take control on this investigation personally, rather leaving it on the Investigators, WHO ARE TERRIBLY TERMITE-infested THROUGH UNDERHAND BENEFITS. Sri Ajit Doval must be assigned right away.

Sri Modi and Sri Yogi, the proper investigation will give strength to BJP. That is what we perceive!

Thank you

On behalf of Acharyaji

Jai Sri Krishn



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