4 thoughts on “Krimi Nashana Suktam कृमि नाशन सूक्तम् from Atharva Veda | Germ Killing Mantra

  1. This is a very powerful manthram in ATHARVA VEDAM.I am very thankful to you for introducing thie chanting for the benefit of humanity. It will be very helpful for those who are having some knowledge in Sanskrit if you are kind enough to give lyrics the in Devanagari .
    Thanking you

    1. See below mantras:
      अल्गण्डून् हन्मि महता वधेन दूना अदूना अरसा अभूवन्।
      शिष्टानशिष्टन्नि तिरामि वाचा यथा क्रिमीणाम् नकिरुच्छिषातै॥ 3 Av. 2.31.3
      algaNDUn hanmi mahatA vadhena dUnA adUnA arasA abhUvan.
      shishhTAnashishhTanni tirAmi vAcA yathA krimINAm nakirucchhishhAtai.. ##3 Av. 2.31.3 ##

      I strike the insects causing itching, with great destructive weapon. All those insects, struck and burnt, have now become lifeless. With the Vaca herb, I destroy the lame one, fast moving and sluggish, so that none of the insects remain alive. -Av. 2.31.3

      अवस्कवम् व्यध्वरम्क्रिमीन् वचसा जम्भयामसि॥ Av. 2.31.4
      anvAnkraya.m shIrshhaNyamatho pArshhTeyam krimIn.
      avaskavam vyadhvaramkrimIn vacasA jambhayAmasi.. ## Av. 2.31.4 ##

      With the vaca herb, I destroy the worms that reside in bowels and intestines, in the head, or in the lungs, and the avaskava and the Bores worms that bounce and cause severe pain. -Av. 2.31.4.

      ये क्रिमयः पर्वतेषु वनेष्वोधीषु पशुष्वप्स्वन्तः।
      ये अस्माकम् तन्वमाविविशुः सर्वम् तद्धन्मि जनिम क्रिमीणाम्॥ Av. 2.31.5
      ye krimayaH parvateshhu vaneshhvodhIshhu pashushhvapsvantaH.
      ye asmAkam tanvamAvivishuH sarvam taddhanmi janima krimINAm.. ## Av. 2.31.5 ##

      The worms that are found in the hilly regions, in the forests, inside the animals and in waters, and have entered our bodies, I hereby destroy their entire generation. -Av. 2.31.5

      1. Are these mantras part of krimi nashana suktam? Please let me know how I can use these mantras to help my 5 year old son get rid of worms in intestines. I have tried so many medicines and remedies but still his worms in stomach remain or come back. Please help. Thank You.

      2. There already exist medicines for krimi. For example Kaakacha (काकच) as it is known in Gujrat.
        Ensure food consumed is made with pure water or boiled water cooled is drunk till krimi is no more.
        Effect of mantra depends on some factors like faith, proper pronunciation, etc. and it ma take long time.
        jaya sri krishna! – Suresh Vyas

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