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The islamic agenda to destroy hindu india

………….Here you’ll find some of the facts and I’ll show you how it is related:

1) Exactly 6 and a half months after the 1992 demolition, prominent Islamic leaders of the world met in Kuala Lumpur (on the 16th of July 1993, National Mosque Complex, Jalan Perdana, Tasik Perdana, KL,) to discuss the next course of action for growing Islam and effectively destroying Hindu culture in the entire Indian subcontinent. They formed a committee of Islamic scholars to identify weak links in Hindu society and Indian culture to come up with a robust plan to conquer India to make her Islamic.

2) Islamic committee created solely to form the strategy to conquer India outlined that – “India has been the toughest country in the history to conquer permanently by any ruler. British, Portuguese, and french had tried to break Hindu society of their historic caste system for monarchies gain but still could not achieve sustained control of the land. Their rule was eventually overturned by the continued resistance of the powerful Hindu community. So what do we do next? How to use tried and tested DIVIDE and CONQUER policy and on WHOM?

Here is an excerpt translated from the files – “The Indian state is the fundamental obstacle in the formation of an Islamic India. Islam has governed ancient India for one thousand years. Hence in that respect, it is every Muslims religious objective to bring that Islamic land under the flag of Islam, under the rule of Tahweed (the oneness of God)”.

3) Since caste or the ancient Varna system did not work well and was not a viable solution, the next best possible strategy was to reach the core of Hinduism. What is that then? Nothing but dividing Hindu Women and Men within their community to create hard differences of opinions in their family and society. History has repeatedly shown us this strategy to destroy a community and in fact an entire civilization…………

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