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REF: We are violent – by Fr Cedric Prakash SJ(2 October 2019)

Cedric Prakash Jee,


Hindu Dharma is not violent, but Christianity is. ‘Ahimsa’ is Hindu concept, not Christian. Gandhi was a Hindu, but Fr. Cedric is a Christian who lies and twists the facts. See how Cedric lies about Kashmir case. Get it correct. As soon as King Hari Singh signed the instrument of accession Kashmir goes to India. The article 370\35A were temporary provision to be removed by simple Presidential order. Yet, it was removed by 2/3 majority in both houses. Yet, Cedric calls it unconstitutional. The Indian government is temporarily clamping down the selected districts to avoid violence. The clamping is a sensible administrative measure and slowly being relaxed.

Does he has anything to say about Islamic terror in Kashmir? Does he has anything to say about all the nuns in Baramula Church being raped to death (1947)? Guess not.

Dalits and Adivashi issues are not Dharmic but social issues. Unfortunately they are looked down upon, but they are not murdered as Christians have. Today, Hindu society gives them reservations for their uplift. Exactly which Christian society has the reservation system for non-Christians? Negro slaves? Jewish holocaust victims?

The real violent institute is Christianity. It is the nature of the evil Christianity to attack other’s heritage and Dharma. The aggression amounts to the cultural genocide, which is the human rights violation. Christianity is a violent religion with ‘peace’ as a front. Christianity killed non-Christians by millions in Europe, Americas and Africa. It dragged Europe down to the Dark Age and caused holocaust. Now it is attacking us. Its core nonsensical doctrine is “All Christians go to heaven, no matter how evil. All others go to hell, no matter how virtuous.”

(Sri Rajiv Malhotra has indicated that Christianity is a corporation, and Pope is CEO. All the churches are a part of the corporation that aims to convert the whole world. – Suresh Vyas)

Converts like Cedric must agree that their heritage is evil; and all their mother, father, ancestors gone to hell. 

Let us study Bible:

Deuteronomy 12:2-3 Destroy other’s temples and destroy images of their Gods.

John 14:6 Jesus is the only way. All non-Christians will go to hell.

Acts 4:12 There is no salvation in any other religions.

John 3:16-18 All non-Christians are condemned to hell already.

God said,

Exodus 20:5 I am jealous God. If you bow to other Gods, I will punish even your children up to 4rth generations.

Number 31: Attack Midian tribe. Kill all men, women and children; except virgin girls. Plunder their wealth and burn their villages. You enjoy their wealth and virgins.

(Note the vicious character of the Biblical God).

Jesus said,

Matthew 10:34 I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

Luke 19:27 Kill them before me, who would not accept me as the King.

John 6:53 Unless you eat the flesh and drink blood of Jesus, you have no life.

Matthew 15:24 I am here to help only Jews or the people of Israel.

(Jesus was not exactly peaceful as Christian propaganda would like you to believe) 


Christianity is an evil religion:

1. Churches tortured and converted Hindus by force

2. Inquisition and torture tools, 50 million tortured to death.

3. Discovery Channel – Machines of Malice – the Inquisition

4. Millions of Native Americans were Killed by Christians – Hopi Chief

5. American Holocaust of Native American Indians

6. Nepal earthquake tragedy – Christian Exploitation

7. Christianity and morality? Sam Harris

8. Christianity, Awful Truth: Deception, Intolerance and Cultural Genocide

9. Christian inquisition killed 9 million women, Pagan Holocaust

Thanks, Tilak

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