For the victims of Islam, e.g. the Hindus, Islam is what caused them the sufferings and losses. A human becomes a Muslim when “Islam Virus” enters his mind and heart thru the madrassas and mosques and mullahs.

— So, the solution to keep Islam out of democratic countries is to ban the use or construction of mosques and madrassas; and ban on the mullahs to address any gathering, and ban on people to listen to any mullah; and ban on printing, selling, distributing, or reading Kuran and Hadith.

— Also, the intellectual Muslims need to formally and publicly quit Islam to encourage other Muslims to quit Islam. All and any human goodness cannot/will not disappear from a human who quits Islam. So, this is the solution.

— To think that you are a Muslim just because you are born in a Muslim family, and therefore you must read Koran, go to mosque, use madrassas, and listen to mullahs, etc. foolish.

— When you are born of human family, you just have a human body; but you have to develop human character. Else you are not a human, even if you look like a human.

jaya sri krishna!

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