Universal Prayers

From the Vedas


O God, lead us from the untruth to the truth; from darkness lead us unto light;

from death lead us to Immortality.

O God, You are the giver of life, the remover of pain and sorrow, the bestow-er of happiness;

O Creator of the Universe, may we receive your supreme sin-destroying light;

May you guide our intellect in the right direction.

We worship and pray to the Supreme Lord for the welfare of all beings.

May all miseries and shortcomings leave us forever,

so that we may always sing for the Lord during the holy fire ceremonies.

May all medicinal herbs grow in potency, so that all diseases may be cured.

May the gods rain peace on us.

May all the two-legged creatures be happy,

and may all the four-legged creatures also be happy.

May there be peace in the hearts of all beings in all realms.


O God, eject all vices from us; Endow us with what is auspicious and virtuous!


O God, lead us on right paths; Purge us of devious attractions and allurements;

To you we submit our profoundest adorations.


Intuitive intelligence that gods and ancestors together adore, O God, bestow that divine intelligence upon us today.


We be fear-free from air’s mid-region and from both heaven and earth!

For us, may there be freedom from fear from back, and front, and up, and down!


May freedom from fear be from friend and foe, and from known and hidden!

May we be fear-free night and day!  May all directions be friendly to us!


O god, may we hear only what is auspicious!  May we see only what is auspicious!

As long as we live, may we have sturdy bodies, and promote well-being of all!


May all beings be happy!  May all beings be free from affliction!

May auspicious vistas open up for all!  May ill-luck be none-so-ever’s lot!


One God manifests in all.

May we see Him in all for hundred years!

May we live up to His will for hundred years!

May we hear Him for hundred years!

May we speak about Him for hundred years!

May we not be ill-fated for hundred years!

May this continue beyond hundred years!

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