From: Kumar Arun < >

~~~To Our Honorable PM-Modi ji~~~
There is no doubt you will win the next election and form a government for five more years. However, in order to win the hearts and souls of majority Hindu who in fact voted for you in 2014, must do followings in your second term:
  • Appoint a committee of true patriots and great scholars to examine each and every sentence of current constitution. The committee members must re-draft a new Bharatiya Constitution based upon Vedic Philosophies and time-tested Hindu Way of Life (Traditions)
  • Once draft is submitted to you, parliament must debate and pass it before 2022 or earlier, if possible.
India can not survive with current constitution in which a Muslim citizen can have four wives & forty plus children. Whereas a Hindu can have only one wives otherwise gets prosecuted. No more extra privileges to any one based upon religion and caste. Reservation for weak section of societies only, no more based upon caste and religion.
Dr. Kumar Arun
India Heritage Foundation
Michigan (USA)

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